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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Emigrating & Moving Abroad: If It's Any Of The Following Cost Of Living, Lack of Jobs, Making A New Start, Do It

Moving or emigrating to a new country is an exciting prospect and opportunity one should take advantage of. My sister did.

But it can also be worrying, scary and stressful too. When you have made the decision to start afresh and leave your native country and live elsewhere, it is a decision that can impact your entire life.... and for good .

There is a huge amount of difference between visiting a country whilst on holiday for a few weeks and moving to a new country and staying there for years, rather than months, weeks. It is a huge sacrifice to make, but if you are absolutely sure that it is the right thing to do, then it is worth it.

Because frankly, there is just no going back, once you've done it.

Travelling abroad is expensive in itself, not to mention the number of days it takes to get to your destination.

If money was no object, that there were no restrictions, no barriers - if it cost so much less to go overseas, like say, you can go to any country of your choice for £10, £15, then millions of Brits would pay that amount of money to go to the U.S, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil or wherever for good.

That would be wishful thinking though: to go to New York, L.A, Miami, Sydney, Toronto or wherever for less money.

I understand that for one, when someone from their native country emigrates to another country, some will feel like they lost one of its 'own' people. But in reality, when s/he moves, it's due to reasons of their own accord. Personal or otherwise, but mostly it would be personal related.

By this I mean, living abroad to help further or fulfil their career or educational aspirations. More job opportunities for him/her. Some move abroad because of the weather, which is better than the UK's. Some leave their native country to escape persecution or potential death. Others choose to move abroad, because the quality of life is deemed superior to what they are experiencing in their own territory.

For someone looking for work elsewhere as a permanent solution, and not a temporary one, emigrating is the answer.

Emigrating provides lots of challenges, and yet it will be beneficial to yourself, as you get to know more about yourself, develop and enrich yourself  with a new set of skills, assimilate into the culture and be accustomed to the way people live.

The British government are worried at the number of Brits, who are emigrating abroad. Perhaps they should realise people have their own reasons into doing so, as well as to look into their own erroneous policies that are driving people to leave the country.

It may be bad news for the country of your birth to lose such aspiring, young, intelligent, as well as hard-working individuals to another nation, with the talent drain going downhill.

But you owe it to yourself and your future to experience another side of the world and become more aware as an individual to learn and grow and become a better person through it.

It is not selfish- it's about seizing opportunities and making the most out of it; it's about being open to other cultures, not just your own and learning about them, and people learning from and knowing about you. Your happiness is the most important thing, and if there is no other way round the problem you are in, then your best bet is to start afresh and leave and move elsewhere.

If you ever get the opportunity to emigrate to a country of your own choosing, if there are no jobs for you, if you are unhappy with your life in the UK or wherever, then emigration is the one thing you cannot pass up on.  

Life is not about being stuck in a rut: it's about moving forward and not looking back and to have no regrets. 

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