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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Robin Williams DVD Movie Covers, Sleeves & Disc Art

It appears that not only did (the late, great) Robin Williams appeared in so many movies that I have enjoyed and loved watching, there has also been plenty of colourful, interesting official artwork that has been generated by visual artists, companies for promotional purposes through things such as posters, DVD and video covers for his movies & Mork and Mindy TV series. As well as custom-made DVD discs, covers and sleeves.

With the help of Photoshop - or an alternative image editing software such as GIMP and a bit of practice, anyone can turn any image/s into a full-blown DVD sleeve or cover with a logo, main image, names of the actor/s on it, tagline, film classification logo, cast and crew credits. Below is a selection of my favourite DVD movie sleeves and covers and disc designs that I have chosen & liked the most. The link to the original covers by the artists/creators can be found by clicking on the highlighted movie title.

**last updated 3 December, 2018 **

Good Morning, Vietnam 25th Anniversary Edition, Blu-Ray 

Good Morning, Vietnam  Blu-Ray sleeve, DVD labels/artwork 

Good Morning, Vietnam by Perricone 

Good Morning, Vietnam by Hacker Jack

The Fisher King by theusher

The Fisher King, French cover

The Fisher King 25th Anniversary, Australia, region 4

The Fisher King Australian VHS tape cover 

Mrs Doubtfire by Wysmommy

Mrs Doubtfire, region 4 

Mrs Doubtfire by Fritz via Blushots Weebly 

Mrs Doubtfire  DVD label via BYRUS DETECTADO - Flickr

Flubber inlay soundtrack CD sleeve 

Flubber by Swazy Custom 

Hook custom blu-ray by Lezee 

Hook Blu - Ray (French) by Raminette

Hook official Blu - Ray cover, region 1 and region 2 

Hook custom DVD label

Hook Czech DVD label 

Hook Australian DVD sleeve

Awakenings Blu-Ray DVD sleeve by Demon_ Designs_ 2007

Jumanji   Blu-Ray Label by Swarzycustom 

Jumanji Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray

Jumanji 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray

Aladdin by Rich86

Aladdin  - Blu- Ray DVD label
Aladdin 'Grand Classique' Blu -Ray French DVD cover, region 2

Aladdin by Merick13

Popeye - designer unknown

The Birdcage  - official sleeve cover

The Best of Times   Dutch sleeve

The Best of Times  DVD label by Robbo 

The Best of Times (aka Rocket Man) German VHS tape sleeve

Dead Poets Society  blu-ray disc

Dead Poets Society DVD sleeve 

Dead Poets Society  blu-ray disc, region 2, Polish 

3 Movie Collector's Pack: The Survivors, Moscow on the Hudson, The Fisher King, region 4 

The Robin Williams Collection: Mrs Doubtfire, Night At The Museum, Robots, Region 4

Robin Williams Master Collection Italian Box Set - Jumanji, Hook, Bicentennial Man, Patch Adams 

Toys Blu- Ray Disc Label 

Seize The Day VHS Tape Australian cover 

Seize The Day VHS Tape French cover

The Best of Times Laserdisc

Robin Williams Blu-Ray Triple Feature by tmscrapbook 

My very own DVD covers, sleeves and disc art designs 

I was inspired in making my own DVD covers and disc art for a couple of Robin Williams movies, as well as Mork and Mindy after seeing so many good ones on the internet created by other people, & some of which I have posted here. And so I thought I might as well give it a shot myself. 

With regards to the movie pairings, I noticed that throughout Robin's filmography, that not only did he star in a ton of movies from the 1980s to 2000s, there were some movies that I thought were either similar or I just felt were a good match for one another for me to create the covers for my mock-up 'collection' range. For this collection, I also wanted to choose a colour scheme and layout template that I can easily configure and edit for other movies, and avoid creating each cover from scratch. Saving me time in the process. 

I paired up the movies according to their similarity in terms of genre/sub-genre and theme; alas for Disney, I went with Aladdin and Flubber, action-adventure Hook & Jumanji for example and added the standard film classification ratings and DVD logo. The Jumanji one looks crappy to me, but oh well. 

But anyhow, I will update this post with more additions, after I have created more of them. I decided to go for the basic and standard look, keeping it simple but colourful as well. 

*obviously I don't own the original promotional movie artwork, such as the portraits, logos - that goes to its respective production companies. 

Note: please do NOT upload or repost any of these on Instagram, Tumblr or anywhere else. Thanks.

The Birdcage custom DVD label

Hook custom DVD label 

Hook custom DVD label version 2 

The Best of Times custom DVD label 

The Survivors custom DVD label 

Flubber custom DVD label 

Mork and Mindy The Complete Series custom DVD label 

Good Morning, Vietnam custom alternate DVD label

Good Morning, Vietnam: Special Edition custom alternate DVD label

Fathers' Day custom alternate DVD label 

Fathers' Day 'Daddy Deluxe Edition' custom DVD label 

**credit to Wizbit for the DVD label template 

2 Disc Movie Collection The Robin Williams Dramedy Pack: Good Morning, Vietnam & The Fisher King 


2 Disc Movie Collection The Robin Williams Disney Pack: Aladdin & Flubber 

2 Disc Movie Collection The Robin Williams Comedy Pack: Mrs Doubtfire & Fathers' Day

2 Disc Movie Collection The Robin Williams Action Adventure Pack: Hook & Jumanji

3 Disc Movie Collection The Robin Williams Triple Classic Comedy Pack: The Best of Times, The Survivors & Club Paradise 

3 Disc Movie Collection The Robin Williams Triple Drama Pack: The World According To Garp, Dead Poets Society & Awakenings 

3 Disc Movie Collection The Robin Williams Triple Adult Comedy Pack: Cadillac Man, The Birdcage, Death To Smoochy

2 Disc Movie Collection The Robin Williams Animation Pack: Ferngully: The Last Rainforest & Aladdin: The King of Thieves

The Mork & Mindy Complete Collection with extra bonus disc of Mork & Mindy animated series episodes

Good Morning, Vietnam custom DVD cover 

The Survivors custom alternate DVD cover

The Best of Times custom alternate DVD cover 

Awakenings custom alternate DVD cover

The Robin Williams Comedy Collection mock-up DVD cover concept 

The Robin Williams Drama Collection mock-up DVD cover concept 

Robin Williams & Julia Roberts Triple Feature Mock-up - Dead Poets Society, Mona Lisa Smile & Hook 
Robin Williams & Julia Roberts Chris Columbus Double Feature Mock-up - Mrs Doubtfire and Stepmom 

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