Saturday, 27 August 2016

10 Favourite Movies Of The 1980s and 1990s: 1986 Edition

Aliens - better than the first film, in fact it is by far the best one in the series & inspiration for the Nintendo video game franchise, Metroid. Tense, suspenseful, action-packed with a great cast & stellar performances

Big Trouble in Little China - amusing action comedy romp set in the heart of San Francisco's Chinatown. Be sure to check out my review of this film

Down and Out in Beverly Hills - good performances by Richard Dreyfus, Nick Nolte and Bette Midler in this comedy caper 

The Great Mouse Detective - one of Disney's earlier animated feature films before they hit the big time with The Lion King and Aladdin to name. Great animation and interesting story 

No Mercy - at times tense and suspenseful thriller starring Richard Gere (who i'm usually not a fan of ) as the cop and Kim Basinger as the main suspect

Running Scared - another amusing movie, this one is a cop movie that follows the same lines as Beverly Hills Cop, and like that movie stars a comedian in the form of Billy Crystal who has great camaraderie with Gregory Hines. Essential, it's Beverly Hills Cop meets Lethal Weapon 

Ruthless People - hilarious Zucker Bros. dark farce with star turns by Danny Devito and Bette Midler as the estranged husband and wife who cannot stand each other, with good support by Judge Reinhold and Helen Slater 

Jumpin' Jack Flash - between this movie, Ghost and Sister Act, Whoopi Goldberg produced some amazing comedic performances and here, she doesn't disappoint 

Three Amigos! - with the trio of comedians Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Sheen, this is a funny, and at times witty Western caper 

Wildcats - even if you are not a fan of American football, this is still a highly entertaining, feel-good comedy fest with great sporting action, along with Goldie Hawn's best ever performance IMO

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