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Sunday, 7 May 2017

If Movies Had Sequels: Mrs. Doubtfire

What happened at the end of Mrs Doubtfire?

Daniel is unmasked as Mrs. Doubtfire at the restaurant and Miranda is left shocked by the revelation. At court, Miranda wins permanent custody of the kids: a decision which leaves Daniel visibly distraught. Daniel works as a host of a kids show as Mrs Doubtfire and he and Miranda have a one-to-one talk. In the end, though Daniel and Miranda did not get back together as a couple, Miranda decided that Daniel deserved to spend time with the children. Thus, the kids get to stay with their dad.

Mrs Doubtfire 2

Release year: 1996
Movie classification rating: PG-13
Written by me, directed by Chris Columbus 

Type of film: Comedy with Slapstick and Screwball elements that is more in the vein of a romantic comedy

Mrs Doubtfire 2 Sequel Ideas

Cast: Robin Williams, Sally Field, Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson, Lisa Jakob, Robert Prosky, Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo or Daryl Hannah as Liz


Plot:  Having secured a job as a children's TV presenter as Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire, Daniel Hillard's (Robin Williams) talents catches the eye of a roving producer, Liz Shaw (
Rene Russo/Daryl Hannah) who is impressed and yet wants to make him an even bigger star. However, Daniel is more interested in learning more about Liz and the more he does, the further he has secretly fallen in love with her. Yet his feelings for Liz don't go down too well with one person: his youngest daughter, Natalie (Mara Wilson), who still cannot come to terms with the idea of her dad being with another woman

- His kids and ex-wife all know that Daniel is Mrs Doubtfire, so he needs new people to fool, but making Mrs Doubtfire a gun-totting granny is beyond ridiculous.

- Mrs Doubtfire's comical scenarios and best scenes will occur out of nowhere, there will be slapstick, one-liners, new gags

- As Mrs Doubtfire is a TV presenter, s/he appears in various shows, ads, makes appearances on a fictional sitcom show, but also Daniel secures work but it is not always as his alter-ego

- No recycling of old gags and jokes and neither will there be any anti-transsexual messages or lines

- The sequel will be more along the lines of or following Tootsie, where the struggling actor falls for the female, only here Daniel is no longer struggling but doing rather well in his career. Yet there is also that element borrowed from Chris Columbus's other film, Stepmom where the father falls for a (younger) woman and their ex-wife has a problem with the relationship. Only here, it is the youngest daughter who doesn't take the news too well 

- The sequel will be more in the vein of a romantic comedy, but with slapstick moments thrown in and the tone will be less surgery and far less sentimental

- There will be a few scenes with Daniel bonding with the kids

- There will be the odd scene where Daniel turns to Miranda for advice on how to get Liz to notice him and how he should go about telling her how he feels about her

- Gender- bender friendship (trope) >> Daniel falls in love with Liz as a woman & learns valuable things about himself as a man through his relationship with her - person disguised as or dressed as the same sex as the other person (female/female) and becomes their best friend, learn more about them and for the other person not to be able to figure out they are of the same person 

- Daniel moves out of the apartment he lives in San Francisco into a new home

- Natalie doesn't take to her dad being with a new woman, after Daniel announces to his ex-wife and two other kids that he has feelings for Liz and wants to take it to the next level and propose marriage to her

- Seeing his dad with Liz leads Chris into finding love for himself, eventually he has a new girlfriend and he has a slightly more rebellious attitude and has no qualms challenging his mother, and father 

- Miranda bumps into Stuart whilst she is out grocery shopping and is happy-yet surprised to see him again. They get back together and she informs Stuart about Daniel and his new 'girlfriend/wife-to-be'. Stuart and Daniel make amends for their past differences and Stuart gives tips to Daniel on how to impress Liz.

- When Liz sees Daniel coming onto her and trying to kiss her, she is shocked and upset and tells Daniel that she doesn't feel the same way as he does towards her. He is left heartbroken when she turns him down and tells him she is not interested in him as a partner/lover/husband. 

- Liz realises she has fallen in love with Daniel later on and Daniel sees that Liz brings out even more of the best qualities out of him, making him a better person and becomes less grouchy, difficult, as well as immature.

- After a clear- the- air talk with Natalie and Miranda's advice and blessing for him to get hitched, Daniel goes in pursuit of Liz and tells her how he feels about her

- Eventually, in the end, Liz and Daniel get together and they get married, Daniel remarries and Natalie, as well as Lydia and Chris, Miranda and Stuart attend their wedding   

- The message of the first film was that just because two parents who have fallen out of love with each other doesn't mean they love their kids any less. The message of this sequel is that just because one gets to remarry or fall in love with someone else who isn't their wife/husband doesn't mean they stop loving their kids, for good. 

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