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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Retro Review: Save Me (1994) #badmovies

Save Me
Cast: Harry Hamlin, Lynsette Anthony, Michael Ironside, Bill Nunn
Genre: Erotic Thriller

Plot: An accountant beleaguered by personal and professional problems gets involved with a femme fatale and her mysterious psychiatrist

'Quite Literally Save Yourselves'

As I sat through this film, I was aware that the longer it went on, the more mediocre and awful it became. It has that cheap, low-grade feel, I knew I was watching a monstrosity. There are few erotic thrillers that I like, but Save Me is beyond mediocre - it sucked as hell. Save Me joins the likes of Illegal In Blue and many other low-grade awful late night adult erotic movies.

L.A Law's Harry Hamlin is the unfortunate victim for the femme fatale played by Lysette Anthony, who suffers from multiple personality disorders. Hamlin's character, who in addition has a kid from a previous marriage, falls for Anthony's character and with that, she seduces him, then things go wrong and he sees through her manipulation, and well, things go downhill for him. 

It's films such as Save Me that give erotic thrillers the trashy reputation it has been known for in general; the kind that have very little redeemable qualities and that by removing the explicit sex scenes, this film would have nothing to go by. Speaking of which, the sex scenes are trashy and not the least bit moving; it was sleazy. The facial expressions Jim makes as he makes love to Ellie are almost to the point laughable, and yet they are cringing. I couldn't help but feel how awkward and pitiful those scenes looked. Although for most guys, the only reason to sit through this nonsense is to lavish on Lysette Anthony's naked body.

The script is atrocious, the dialogue is lousy, the performances but for Michael Ironside are abysmal. The characters but for the little boy are unsympathetic and almost one-dimensional ; if anything, Save Me is proof that any B - or make that Z-movie, straight- to -video erotic thriller can have a male lead, who is not Andrew Stevens and whose character is as gullible and dumb enough, and still, it will flop.

Final Verdict:

There is no point writing a longer review for this film because there is not much to see or dwell on here.

Save Me is extremely forgettable and is the epitome of these types of films: plenty of hot sex scenes where the characters are 'ne-ked', bad dialogue, bad story and nothing else.

This is neo-noire of the lowest common denominator with no redeemable moments. It's a B-movie and a practically dumb one, all the way through. And the monster truck inclusion, I don't know what that was all about. Once this film strayed further away from the plot and focused more on the sex than everything else, that's what sank Save Me.

It's softcore noire, at its cheapest. Next....


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