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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Mini Retro Review: Firehouse (1987) #badmovies

Genre: Sex Comedy

Z-movie version of Backdraft where some crazed guy is committing arsons and setting fire to old buildings in a rundown neighbourhood and some female firefighters are recruited to put a stop to all the fires. They are also having to deal with sexual harassment from their male counterparts. Plenty of female nudity on show, lots of groping - and lest not forget a first debut appearance by who else but none other than - shock horror - Julia Roberts as an unaccredited extra. Although, and fortunately at least, she has her clothes on. Unfunny, stale script and poor acting and the film is extremely boring. The picture quality is terrible, editing is choppy and doesn't flow well at all. 

If you took Backdraft, stripped it bare (and not literally) and added in some nude/sex scenes, amateur performances and bad dialogue, this is what you get. A lamer female version of Backdraft

Is it worth seeing? 

For a brief appearance by Julia Roberts alone, and only that alone, why not? 


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