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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Mini Retro Review: A Smile Like Yours (1997) #badmovies

A Smile Like Yours
Romantic Comedy

Another case of how not to do a rom-com: a couple's marriage is under threat when they realise they can't conceive and have children together. Jennifer suspects her husband, Danny is cheating on her and it's a difficult road to redemption. As well as the cringeworthy title, the direction is muddled -yet formulaic. Both Greg Kinnear and Lauren Holly are mismatched as an onscreen couple and as the leads, their characters are utterly devoid of personality and do not make the type of impact for me to care about what actually happens to them. There is just no sense of genuine feeling between Jen and Danny and in wanting them to patch up their marriage. Shirley MacClaine, Jay Thomas of Mork and Mindy, the woman from Robocop 3 and Christopher McDonald from Flubber are in this too. The story is beyond trite and character development is non-existent. Its execution feels all too hokey and sickly for me to take seriously and to be convinced by it all. That, and it is an epitome of Z-grade TV movie filler.  

Is it worth seeing? 

My smile quickly faded, 25 mins into this film onwards. Hardly funny for a comedy, is not very romantic and offers remotely nothing to make it appealing and worthwhile. One to pass up on.  


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