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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Mini Retro Review: A Family Affair (1984) #badmovies #Hongkongcinema

A Family Affair (Cyun Caa Feok)
Genre: Comedy Drama

Hong Kong comedy about two children who try to reunite their parents, who are separated due to personality clashes. This film would have been more tolerable and bearable, had it not been for the irritating little boy, whose antics and big mouth will drive you up the wall. That, and he drags this film down, a great deal with his whining and clowning around. Too much ''Tommy!!'' and ''Mummy'' uttered way too many times. The film itself doesn't have much to offer in terms of story and but for the scenes between the divorced parents, the melodrama is way over the top. It's a shame, as otherwise, I would have enjoyed this more. But instead, I got so annoyed with it.

Is It Worth Seeing?

Not completely terrible by any stretch of the imagination; it should have been better with less sappy nonsense and the less I could have done with the little boy, the better. 


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