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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Retro Review: Commando Squad (1987)

Commando Squad
Cast: Kathy Shower, Bryan Thompson, William Smith, Robert Quarry, Ross Hagen, Sid Haig
Genre: Action

Plot: A narcotics agent takes her squad to Mexico where she must break up a drug smuggling gang that has also kidnapped her boyfriend

'Passable & At Times, Entertaining B-Grade Action Movie' 

A narcotics agent disappears while investigating a cocaine factory in Mexico. Only for Kat to get the nod by her boss. At first, she doesn't accept the job, but when she learns that her fellow boyfriend and agent, Clint is missing & taken captive, she heads South to come to his rescue and take down a Mexican drug cartel. A further twist is to come when one of the missing agents turns out to be a traitor, who works for the cartel. Commando Squad is a neat little B-movie action offering that what it lacks in interesting villains and a bland story, it makes up for some action, explosions and likeable turns by Kathy Shower and Bryan Thompson as their lovebird action hero characters, who still manage to shoot and fight their way until the bitter end.

An action film starring ex-Playboy Playmate actress Kathy Shower, looking like Joan Jett, sports a hideous and daft Black wig underneath her blonde hair. If she had let her hair down, she'd look far better. I didn't like that she had that wig on all the way through this movie and that she should have taken it off.

Kathy's hunky male co-star, Bryan Thompson's character, Clint spends most of the time being tortured in grisly fashion (Marathon Man style with the teeth pulling), as well as tied up when in a film such as this, it would have been better to see him kick ass alongside Kathy Shower more often. Thompson was good and Clint was likable; it was nice to see Bryan as the good guy here, in stark contrast to his antagonist role in the 1986 Sly Stallone effort, Cobra and I cannot see how much more Commando Squad would have played out, had either say, Tane McClure or Shannon Tweed been in the place of Kathy.

The villains are boring & there is an odd line where Shower utters ''midget donkey f***er'', but the performances, especially by the main two of Kathy Shower and Bryan Thompson, are decent and thus, it was rather entertaining, especially for an action film where the action didn't come alive until the last 10 mins. Speaking of which, some of it was okay and some of it was good yet routine. The middle of the film is a bit of a drag to sit through. There are shootouts and explosions, but little gore and nudity. However, the individual scenes with Clint and Kat were watchable.

The annoying thing is how Clint is getting seven shades knocked out of him, yet Kat doesn't come to her boyfriend's aid until the last 10 mins. Having said that, Commando Squad isn't bad at all.

Now, why can't she look like this throughout the duration of the movie?

Final Verdict:

Commando Squad is a low budget action B-movie and the end result is passable and reasonably entertaining. If you are into action films, then you might like this one.


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