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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Mini Movie Review: Left Behind (2014) #badmovies

Left Behind

Pretty offensive disaster movie that mocks people who aren't Christian or of whom doesn't practice any religion & makes Christians look bad. The atheist character is the villain here. I mean I can understand why Chad Michael Murray, Jordin Sparks and Lea Thompson would do this film as they are C-list actors or whatever in this C/Z-movie and they themselves hardly get big Hollywood projects these days. They must really need the money. But man, Nicolas Cage - he's made a lot of awful movie decisions since Con Air, which was the last movie of his I enjoyed, but Left Behind tops the lot. There is a girl that rides a motorcycle and a steamroller and there is a lot of over-the-top acting that made me cringe & the effects are shoddy. I had no enjoyment whatsoever by sitting through this turd. This film deserves to be left behind- on the shelves that is, never to be picked up again. 

Not even singer Jordin Sparks pointing a gun at a dwarf is enough to gain my interest.

Is It Worth Watching?

I personally found it offensive on every level, so for me no


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