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Sunday, 29 October 2017

The A-Z Evolution of Dustin Hoffman's Characters Illustrated

He has dominated the big screen for over 4 decades, & although Dustin Hoffman is primarily known for being a dramatic actor, he can also demonstrate a knack for comedy and lighter roles that demand less from him. His career initially took off aged 28/29 when he was cast as Benjamin Braddock in The Graduate as a teenager in 1967. Hoffman's roles throughout his long and storied chapter have varied across the board in a range of different movies, various genres of movies and character roles that span Hoffman's diverse filmography. 

For all the talk of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino as dramatic acting heavyweights and legends, as good as they are, there are fewer movies of theirs that I have fully enjoyed, for me, compared and in contrast to Dustin.

Hitting the big 8-0 in 2017, by taking a look back on his movies and in rewatching most of them, as the consummate professional since his emergence as an actor in the late 1960s, Hoffman can do no wrong on the acting scale: my favourite movie stars and actors are ones of whom play a wide range of different characters and take on different onscreen personas & who do so effectively and with ease. & he is most certainly one of them. 

*characters in bold indicate or denote I personally enjoyed that role and/or movie of his 

First row: Alfredo Sbisa (Alfredo, Alfredo), Ben Floss (Midnight Mile), Benjamin Braddock (The Graduate), Bernard ''Bernie'' Laplante (Hero), Benard Jaffe (I Heart Huckabees),  Bernie Focker (Meet the Fockers), Captain James Hook (Hook), Carl Bernstein (All The President's Men), Chuck Clarke (Ishtar)

Second row: Colonel Sam Daniels (Outbreak), Danny Snyder (Sleepers), David Sumner (Straw Dogs), Dorothy Michaels (Tootsie), Dr Norman Goodman (Sphere), Dutch Schultz (Billy Bathgate), Edward Magorium (Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium), Enrico Salvatore ''Ratso'' Rizzo (Midnight Cowboy), Hap (The Tiger Makes Out)

Third row: Jack Crabb (Little Big Man), Jason Fister (Madigan's Millions), Lenny Bruce (Lenny), Louis Dega (Papillon), Master Shifu (Kung Fu Panda), Max Brackett (Mad City), Max Dembo (Straight Time), Michael Dorsey (Tootsie), Mumbles (Dick Tracy)

Fourth rowRaymond Babbitt (Rain Man), Roscuro (The Tale Of Despereaux), Stanley Motts (Wag The Dog), Ted Kramer (Kramer vs Kramer), Thomas 'Babe' Levy (Marathon Man), Vito McMullen (Family Business), Walt ''Teach'' Teacher (American Buffalo), Wendell Rohr (Runaway Jury), Winston King (Confidence) 

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