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Monday, 4 December 2017

Retro Review: Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus (2004) #crappychristmasmovies

Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus
Romantic Comedy

Bland and boring Hallmark channel film and a fairly routine one that one would have seen many times over, especially on Channel 5 in the UK. Thomas Calabro who played the cop/stripper in Ladykillers is in this one playing the love rival and romantic false lead to Steve Guttenberg's Nicholas, who is the son of Santa Claus who is about to take over his father's throne but there's one catch. Basically, single Santa's son seeks Mrs Claus woman by Christmas Eve. Cue lots of corny acting, a terrible script and the laughs seem contrived. Leads Police Academy's Steve Guttenberg and Crystal Bernard share barely any genuine chemistry as a couple. 

Is it worth watching?

Too hokey, story is not very believable or entertaining enough and the love theme is not very believable.  


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