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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Mini Retro Review: Naked Lies (1998) #badmovies

Naked Lies

An action film that is reminiscent of Andy Sidaris's offerings, one look at the title and then a photo of Shannon Tweed on the cover/poster and one would think erotica. Well, yes it is. After accidentally killing a child during a botched drug bust that went wrong, agent Cara undertakes a new assignment for her former lover, Mitch by going undercover. Cara falls for the killer's charms, much to Mitch's dismay. The action is underwhelming and lacking, with the crime aspect dealt in a not so convincing manner, along with the story which never made the desired effect. 3 writers wrote the story, and usually, for a movie, that isn't a good sign. Dialogue isn't good ('if she does not die, there will be no business to make decisions about' (?) - just bad) and as ever with many of Shannon Tweed's movies, there are a few softcore sex scenes. There are comments made by certain characters of how dangerous this assignment/operation is and yet Tweed's character, Cara is never in any real and immediate danger and the tension is never believable with a weak ending. Overall, this is a tame affair and there is not enough good action to back it up.

Is it worth watching?

No, give it a miss


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