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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Mini Retro Review: Latin Dragon (2004) #badmovies

Latin Dragon
Martial Arts Action

A Hispanic-based martial arts actioner, it was okay but as a straight-to-DVD, the film is let down by poor acting, a generic story and it is too heavily edited. The plot with the hero avenging his mentor's death is so by-the-numbers and is all too familiar to almost every action film one can think of. The dialogue wasn't much to ponder either. Some of the fight scenes were all right, but they are nothing we haven't or I haven't seen before. Fabian Carrillo is a decent martial artist, however, and he displays some impressive kicks and punches. Overall, I've seen superior movies of this type that are far more impressive than Latin Dragon. Z-movie actor Lorenzo Lamas is in this one, as well as James Hong and Gary Busey with the latter two faring better elsewhere in other films.

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