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Monday, 26 March 2018

Mini Retro Review: Turn It Up (2000) #badmovies

Turn It Up
Action Hood Film

Co-produced and starring rapper and one third of the Fugees Pras Michel alongside another rapper in Ja Rule, the dialogue in this film is bad, like every few seconds the F-word is blurted. But the film is well known for one thing: and that is it marked the onscreen movie debut of British movie action star, Jason Statum. Pras plays a rapper, who wants to make it big & is caught up in crime and other bad things. Otherwise, this is a bootleg Z-movie version of Hustle & Flow/Belly wannabe that takes elements from those movies with an added drug-dealing sub plot, death scenes & gun violence thrown in. Story is dry, not engaging as it tries to be, I was incredibly bored, with some flash but no heart & for a music-based movie, it doesn't even attempt to delve into any of the issues it is supposed to do. And for a straight-to- dvd flick, it's unreal to think that they spent $9 million on this.

Is it worth watching?

Only to see early Jason Statum, if you're interested. Otherwise, turn this off


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