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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Mini Retro Review: Bliss (1997) #badmovies

Erotic Drama

Occasionally pretentious twaddle with some cringey scenes, Bliss is an undemanding look at eroticism and be it people having sex and the occasionally mundane therapy babble that goes with it. A couple is having problems when the wife admits she is faking orgasms. It features plenty of talky scenes. This film is problematic in so many ways. Terrance Stamp is the sex therapist but even he can't save the film from being watchable. When the film plunges into the couple's problems, without barely highlighting what initially set them off or what led to them escalating in the first place, meant I couldn't develop any interest in or buy into Joseph and Maria as characters & as a couple. It's like one of those sex manuals or books with talky words coming to life. With its luxurious settings offset by its TV movie feel, the tone is just not earnest enough to fully get to the real heart of the matter. The twist towards the end is too little, too late & some of the dialogue when Joseph describes how he makes love to his wife -- get inside her (?)  & when Stamp asks what do you think about your penis?' with Joseph replying 'I like it, it's large and powerful'-- is akin to something from a fanfic. 

Is It Worth Seeing?

Maybe for some people, but I found this to be unengaging and trite


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