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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Mini Retro Review: The Foreigner (2003) #badmovies

The Foreigner

Worse and far less entertaining than The Package and The Courier with charismatic leads in Steve Austin and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Foreigner is not the Jackie Chan-led movie and one that came out in 2017; this one preceded it, 14 years earlier in 2003 with the direct-to-DVD action star, Steven Segal whose career freefall began towards the start of the 2000s with efforts such as this. A CIA agent & his partner have to deliver a mysterious package, only to be ambushed by some bad guys. It was originally going to be a theatrical release, but by this point, Segal's star power as an action star waned & it went directly to DVD instead. I still can't get onboard the Segal train and but for, Under Seige, he has no onscreen charisma or presence as a leading man. Plot is overly complicated and difficult to make sense of with some overediting, boring and tepid script and with even more boring action scenes and kills. Not one single plot is established. The remaining characters are just as devoid in personality as Segal's. 2003's The Foreigner couldn't be any more foreign as it can be. & surely is. I can only manage an hour of this when I turned it off. 

I'd much stick with The Package and The Courier.

Is It Worth Watching?

No, unless you are an ardent Steven Segal fan


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