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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Mini Retro Review: Scorned 2 (1997) #badmovies

Scorned 2 aka A Woman Scorned 
Erotic Thriller

Sequel to the first film starring Shannon Tweed, she didn't return here and in her place was Tane McClure as Amanda who is happily married to ex-therapist, Mark - now a college professor, yet she suffers from PTSD. She gets these recurring flashbacks of her killing spree. Amanda seeks revenge on the guy and his wife for the suicide of her husband. They hire a detective to keep tabs on Amanda, who also finds out Mark slept with a student from his class. When she does, she loses the plot, completely. I thought the story was going well as it developed later on, but it was going around in circles from one subplot to another as the deceit and lies come to a boiling point. As ever, there are a few sex scenes, the ending was one I disliked and I didn't like the last 10 mins, which threw me off, completely. & Amanda's motivations & intentions are never made clear to the audience. Dislikeable & one-note characters but some interesting plot twists, excluding the one right at the end and with characters nobody can root for as they are all bad as one another.

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