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Monday, 6 August 2018

Mini Retro Review: Blast (1997) #badmovies


Unconvincing Die-Hard knock-off directed by one of the direct-to-video/DVD filmmakers, Albert Pyun who brought you Kickboxer 2 (good), Kickboxer 4 (almost laughable), Cyborg with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dollman, along with one of the worst renditions of a live-action Captain America film, back in 1990. Linden Ashby plays the limping, janitor hero and gets a chance to show off a few more of his martial arts skills that he obtained after coming off the back of video game flick, Mortal Kombat. There are a few decent action and fight scenes, yet there is too much running about, the female hostages scream & are rendered useless (and get killed) & the film takes too much time building things up and the performances are one-note and hokey. When the bad guys shoot some of the hostages, there is rarely any blood. Rutger Hauer is in this one too, but he has a weird haircut and a wasted role. Set during the 1996 Atlanta games, this is one of the blandest Die-Hard type movies around & one where one has seen better, elsewhere.

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