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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Room 101: My Choices

What is Room 101? 

Room 101 is a TV programme on the BBC in the UK, where celebrities take part and share their pet hates with the host and audience & through persuasion offer reasons as to why they should be consigned into Room 101 (Hence the title).

Its previous hosts were Nick Hancock (1994- 1997) and Paul Merton (1999- 2007). The show recently made a comeback but this time on BBC One with new presenter, comedian Frank Skinner. Since 2012, Room 101 underwent a bit of a revamp by having 3 celebrity guests on the show, instead of 1. In addition, there were different rounds with different categories, as opposed to selecting whatever you wanted. So therefore, if the theme was 'Holidays', s/he has to pick something that represents that category that they loathe or can't stand. There was also a 'wildcard' round, where s/he can choose/nominate whatever they wanted.

Examples of items, things & people that celebrities have mentioned during the series include: maths teachers, U2 singer Bono, Elvis, QVC, rats, slugs, Okra and mobile/cell phones to name but many. 

My choices:

(Goodness, This was hard!) 

*Image from BBC news - at least this one is clean

Public Toilets/Restrooms - Dirty, filthy, disgusting. Yet many of these are around in the U.K, particularly in central London. I try to avoid using them, unless it gets to a point where I have to go as an emergency. Loo paper on the floor, toilets that are left un -flushed with urine and faeces. I even went into a toilet and there was urine around it and it smelled nasty. Urgh. It's just as disgusting that people don't flush the toilets after using them. You would never do that in your own home, so why do it in public? Total lack of courtesy and it shows a disregard to other people, who use the toilets really. One should always flush after taking a crap.

Chinese Buffets - Chinese buffets are at the lower-tier end for Chinese food. I love Chinese food - and I'm not saying this as I am Chinese, Asian. The food they serve and prepare is not Chinese or Hong Kong Chinese cuisine, it is more Westernised Chinese food that is pre-cooked, processed, contains MSG and is then reheated. It's like the Asian food equivalent of Mcdonalds. The vegetables or the use of vegetables is either as a side dish or mixed in with some Sweet and Sour sauce. The main problem I have with them is rather than it is Chinese food, it is not authentic Chinese food.

I'm not saying people should eat frogs legs, dogs or whatever live animal comes to mind, but truly, if you want to order Chinese food, then go to a restaurant or place, ideally in Chinatown that serves good quality, authentic Chinese cuisine. Sure it's more expensive, but it's worth it.

I once had a meal at a Chinese buffet in Central London - the food wasn't too my taste. It was salty, too sweet & made me feel bloated. I'd prefer ordering Chinese food from Chinatown that wasn't from a buffet, but a dish of say seafood fried noodles (Chow Mein), or rice with braised Chicken, Chinese Mushrooms. That's more my type of Chinese cuisine.

Charities, organisations asking for money for African countries to end poverty such as Red Nose Day- Poverty ends through education, awareness, common sense, not money. It really gets to me how they assume that money is the answer to all their problems. It is NOT. There are other ways to eliminate, eradicate poverty. Over the years, over £200 million has been raised through Red Nose Day Comic Relief, since its inception during the early 1980s. And still, to this day, there are people still homeless, with little food and water, dying of Aids and other preventable diseases.Why? Because even though we have donated all this money, nothing has changed, their situation has not improved for the better. 

We, in the West, have plenty of money - probably not as much as China, but a reasonable amount and though we have our share of homeless people, the situation is not as dire as it is in Africa. For many of us, money is not the be-all, end- all solution, money doesn't bring happiness. Happiness comes from within yourself, the experiences and situations you have and the people you surround yourself with.

It is really sad that people mention money, being the heart of the solution. Sure, it helps organisations and people get by, but if you have money yet don't put it into good use or you just throw it away by not having it end up in the right places, then you have a problem. Which is why many non-western countries have dictatorships and or are still living below the poverty line.

Charities really need to address their line of support towards Africa and other disadvantaged communities and countries, because quite frankly, money is just not it. & speaking of which, I'd also include those operating on the streets such as Chuggers.

Nintendo trolls - These people have no respect for a company that has done a lot for video games. Some have said they grew up with them when they were younger, and when Nintendo released the Wii, they stopped being a Nintendo fan. Well, if that is your reason for not liking Nintendo anymore, then I don't give a toss, because there are plenty of fans that still do. You may not like Nintendo or the decisions they choose to make, but to hate them, to hate a company that has saved an industry that was about to collapse, to hate a company that tries to bring joy to millions of people and children, happiness and innovation through video games, is horrible.

And analysts such as Michael Pachter, who don't even work in the video games industry, thinking they know everything about video games and dissing Nintendo as he has done, are some of the biggest trolls & who has proven to be wrong countless times.

People who draw Manga, Anime - yet make fun of people who do realism - Anime, Manga, as an art form I have my own views on this, but that does not mean that people should stop drawing Manga. If you want to draw Manga, fine. However, for Anime artists, especially the young ones, who bash, attack people who choose to do a different form of art, and calling it 'boring', 'crap' or lame, it is insulting to the person. Just because they want to develop their art skills for the better and become better at drawing, you think they should be mocked for that? Please. 

I enjoy watching Anime cartoons as such, but the art form is becoming of something that is losing its credibility and people are latching onto it, for the sake of proving they are indeed an artist and that they possess skills that is of a high level of that of the realism artist. But drawing a simple looking face is going to take less than 5, 10 mins. Art takes time and a lot of effort, and unfortunately, a lot of Anime is not that.

But the amount of snobbery towards realism by young Anime artists these days is horrendous, & demonstrates how ignorant they are of art and design.

Phone networks, who advertise unlimited texts & internet for phones but impose data limits  - You have unlimited texts and internet and can use your phone as much as you want. but when you hit a limit, the company either cuts off your internet or charges you extra. That to me is ridiculous. It's like you're giving with one hand and taking it away with the other. And the term 'unlimited' is misleading and should therefore, be removed.

Reality TV - In America, it has killed the U.S sitcom genre, as well as that quality cartoons for children are not made any more, because Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel are mostly showing either live-action or reality shows. Black sitcoms have ceased to exist on the major networks these days. It is partly because of reality TV that there is virtually no variety in TV programming any more. Reality TV has taken over, alongside dramas that the fun and enjoyment has been eroded.

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