Saturday, 7 December 2013

15 Ways To Improve Pinterest

As great as Pinterest is already, the site is still far from perfect. Here are my ideas that would make it even more better than it is: 

  • Header banner on the boards - we already have the cover photo for each of the boards. How's about having a header banner -type thing running underneath the board title name and before the description? Having header banners for boards not only makes it more interesting to look at; it gives it a nice visual theme that represents what each board is about to the people viewing it, as well as to your followers. By header banners, I mean something on lines of this:
This is from Fanpop, a website is aimed more at teenagers and younger people, moreso than with Pinterest. As you can see, the banner image header is located underneath the name of the board in bold, followed by tabs 'Home', 'Wall', 'Images', 'Videos', 'Articles' and so on, followed by a Green box telling you how many fans you have following this 'club' as they put it. 

For Pinterest, the layout of the board -if it was up to me designing it- would go like this: 

1. Title/Name of the board in bold
2. Header banner comes after that
3. Description
4. No. of pins, No. of followers on the right hand side
5. Pins 

(above: an example of what current Pinterest boards look like) 

Speaking of which, I'd have a header banner creator on Pinterest, where you can assemble together say up to 4 or 5 photos from your pins on your board to create a header banner, add text, stickers. You would also be able to edit it, as and when you wish. 
  • Personalise or colourise the boards - the grey looks absolutely boring. By incorporating a colour scheme, it would give people more options to personalise it and make it look more attractive and visually appealling. 
  • Add a background image option for boards 
  • Incorporating Google search in the search function box of Pinterest, would help speed up the process in finding results - the vast majority of images are found via Google, particularly in Google images. Therefore, it would be great if Google search was incorporated in the Pinterest search box, instead of us having to open up a new tab, type 'Google Images' and the name of the thing we are looking for. 
  • For each board, there should be a 3rd tab before pins and followers which says 'suggested pins'. By clicking on this, you will see other pins/images related to your board that you may wish to add to it. This doesn't mean the search function needs to go. This idea is not a replacement for the search bar. The search bar functions differently as you type in the name of the thing you are searching for, whilst suggested pins finds those pins automatically for you. You just need to decide which ones to add to your chosen board. 
  • Be able to rearrange, reorder and move your pins around the board, so that they are in a different order or in an order that you wish you want it to be. This is done by utilising the drag -and- drop pins approach. 
  • Have Tweet and Like buttons for all the boards you have 
  • Icons of the last 4 people and showing the images they have pinned onto their boards at the top somewhere of your boards. 
  • Be able to bulk pin more than one image at once - would save you all the time pinning them individually at once. 
  • Offer stats for each board, stating the average number of total image views, the most viewed images, videos, the amount of repins, clicks and likes they each attract. 
  • Make the phone app compatible with all iPhone and Android models, recent and older - I'd really would love a Pinterest app that is compatible with ALL Android phones, so I can pin stuff on my phone. Not just online via the site. 
  • Add Twitter to the send board button- don't just have Google + and Facebook
  • Filter out pornographic images option- more often than not, I tend to see indecent or porn images of pins on Pinterest from people I am following. I would like some type of feature, where by ticking the 'filter out pornographic or mature content', I'd not be exposed to sexually explicit images of photos, fan art on my screen. 
  • Give us the option to disable comments for all our pins - let's face it, very rarely do people comment or reply to the pins I post on  my boards. Those that do, are great and it is nice to see. But those that don't, but just repin or like the pins, they don't comment. Or choose not to comment. But hey, I do that as well myself. I see more people repinning, liking the pins from my boards than from those who comment on them. 
  • Celebrity/star recognition & notification message of Pinterest activity- in many cases, a lot of people create boards based on their likes, interests, hobbies, favourite celebrities. Wouldn't it be cool if, say by having a board dedicated to your favourite actor, singer, band or whatever, the celebrity who has a Twitter or Facebook account gets a notification of this on FB or Twitter, whenever we or you pin an image or video onto our boards. So for instance, one is a fan of One Direction (I'm using them as an example), and she has created a Pinterest board dedicated to them; whenever she pins a photo or video related to them on the board, and in their description, it includes their name, they in turn, get notified and it appears as a update or tweet on their timelines. They can then decide whether or not to like, share it, retweet it or favourite it. 

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