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My Favourite 35 Euro Dance Songs

Noted for being one of the most loathed musical genres of all-time, by a number of music fans, at one time during the 1990s, Eurodance was on the verge of pop domination. Okay, it was dominating the charts in Europe, and yet despite the criticisms, it was a fun time for dance music. Not only that, it produced some of the biggest hits of the 1990s. 

Unfortunately, outside of it, Eurodance was seen as something out of the Eurovision song contest: unknown acts, cheesy and weird songs, people singing in their own languages. The difference though was in most Eurodance songs, around 95% of the songs were sung and rapped in English. 

Most of these songs had female lead vocals singing the choruses and the bridge, whilst the male rappers dealt with the verses. Combined with a strong and catchy instrumental & energetic pumping beats, all this formed the core of, as well as the success of 90s Eurodance. As it is a type of dance music, almost all the songs are uplifting, upbeat and happy. 

It peaked during the mid -1990s up until the end of the 1990s, but by 1998 or 1999 onwards, the songs began to dry up and Eurodance started to decline, leading to it being replaced by Euro Trance. 

Today, Eurodance doesn't receive airplay on major commercial radio stations around the world; the most likeliest places you will hear 90s Eurodance is on an online Colombian radio station, called Radio Dance90's

When I think about some of the biggest dance songs of the 1990s, most of these were from European based dance acts. 

We're not going to touch on (the monstrosity that is called) electronic dance music, aka EDM; instead, I'm going to focus on the tracks and anthems from the past 2 decades that make me want to dance and bust a move.

The 1990s was the golden age for pop music, especially for boy bands, Britpop, but also for Euro dance music. 

These tracks exemplify some of the best this genre has, as well as had to offer:

1. The Real McCoy - Another Night (1994)

Became the German group's biggest hit, as well as it (currently) holds the record for the biggest selling single by a German act in U.S chart history. 

2. Corona - Rhythm of the Night (/ Club mix/Extended version) (1994)

Rhythm of the Night didn't become popular in the United States until after it had peaked in Europe in 1995, although the song came out a year earlier in Britain. It debuted at #2. 

The least said about the Bastille version from 2012, the better, and the original still rules. 

3. Orange Blue - If You Wanna Be My Only (Happy Mix) (1995)

Features the vocals of Melanie Thornton of La Bouche 

4. Livin' Joy - Dreamer (original club mix) (1994)

5. Corona - Baby Baby (1995)

A cover version of Joy and Joyce's 1991 song, 'Babe Babe', it was released in 1995 with slightly altered lyrics. Reached its highest position at #1 in Italy and Canada. 

6. Black Box - I Don't Know Anybody Else (1990)

Features an uncredited Martha Walsh on lead vocals. 

7. Cappella - Move It Up (1994) 

8. La Bouche - Be My Lover (1995)

9. Culture Beat - Take Me Away (1996)

10. 2 Brothers on the Floor - Dreams (Will Come Alive) (1994) 

11. 2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This (Rap Version) (1991)

12. Garcia - Bamboleo (1997)

13. Cappella - U & Me (Album version) (1994)

14. E- Type - I Just Wanna Be With You (1997)

15. Le Click - Tonight is the Night (1995)

16. Dr Alban and Haddaway - I Love The 90s

17. DJ Bobo - Everybody (1994)

18. La Bouche - I Love To Love (1995)

19. Alexia - Uh La La La (1998) (Almighty remix)

20. Co. Ro featuring Talessa - Because the Night (1992)

21. Fun Factory - Take Your Chance (1994)

22. K. Mono - Take My Body (1994)

23.  Haddaway - What is Love? (1992)

24. Pleasure Beat featuring J. Cock - First Time (1995)

25. 2 Brothers on the Floor - Fly (Through the Starry Night) (1995)

26. Fun Factory - Close To You (1994)

27. La Bouche - SOS (1998)

28. Fun Factory - I Wanna B With U (1995)

29. The Real McCoy - Hey Now (1999)

Real McCoy - Hey Now/V Box 7  (audio)

30. Willie & Co. - If You Leave Me Now (1992)

31. Moon - Moonlight Shadow (1992)

32. 2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone (1991)

33. Aqua - Barbie Girl (Extended version) (1997)

34. Whigfield - No Tears to Cry (1997) 

35. Hit The Floor - Energizer (1994) 

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