Saturday, 13 August 2016

10 Favourite Movies of the 1980s & 1990s: 1987 Edition

Each week starting today, I will be dedicating one particular year in film by posting my 10 favourite movies representing that year at random and in no particular order. Along with the poster, a memorable image/GIF image and a few comments alongside each one to explain why I enjoy that movie.

This week, it is the turn of 1987

Fatal Attraction - a married man has an affair with a woman and after realising what a mistake it was tries to call it off.  But psycho woman continues stalking him and his family, making their lives a living hell. I felt the main character, Dan was just as much in the wrong as the Glenn Close's character. I didn't have much sympathy with him, as he still cheated on his wife. Great film nevertheless, great performances, very suspenseful and heart-pounding throughout

Good Morning, Vietnam - what more needs to be said about this Robin Williams timeless classic, other than to check out my review of this movie. This film is just bloody excellent

Lethal Weapon - the Mel Gibson and Danny Glover buddy cop partnership in the Lethal Weapon series is one of the very best in terms of cop thriller movies. The original film was more intense, violent, but so good, yet unfortunately the sequels didn't quite live up to 1987's excellence. 

Cry Freedom - intriguing so-called political drama film set in apartheid South Africa during the 1970s with Denzel Washington and Kevin Kline

Outrageous Fortune - another Bette Midler comedy caper from the 1980s, following on from Ruthless People and just as wacky and over the top in places. 

Throw Momma From The Train - Billy Crystal plays a guy you feel sorry for throughout this movie as he is assaulted, subjected to verbal abuse and is constantly berated by Danny Devito's character's mother. Talk about mothers from hell, this one was no exception. Dark comedy with a couple of laugh out loud moments 

Overboard - Surreal Romantic comedy starring real life Hollywood golden couple, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Just goes to show that money can't buy you love

Robocop - the original and still the best movie in the Robocop franchise, bar none

The Running Man - a more sadistic and violent version of The Price is Right with Arnie kicking butt, action packed, high-octane stuff 

Spaceballs - This Mel Brooks Star Wars comedy knock-off is hilarious from start to finish. One of the best movie parodies, ever. & seeing Rick Moranis wearing a large helmet that covers his small head, is priceless. 

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