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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Cast The BraveStarr Live-Action Movie

What is Bravestarr?

Bravestarr is an American space-western animated TV series. The original episodes aired in 1987 until 1988 and was created to sell Action figures.

The episodes combine elements from both science fiction and Western genres and is set in the 23rd century on a planet named New Texas. A new lawman by the name of Marshal Bravestarr arrives in New Texas, with a goal in bringing order to the land. 

He is also equipped with powers such the strength of a bear, speed of a puma (although it should be a cheetah), eyes of a hawk and the auditory ability of a wolf. 

It was the last animated series produced by Filmation who did Ghostbusters, Mister T and the ever- popular, He-man Masters of the Universe. 

Waiching's casting choices: 

Marshal Bravestarr (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson)


Judge J.B McBride (Julianne Moore)

Thirty/Thirty (CGI)

Deputy Fuzz (Warwick Davis or Verne Troyer)

Doc Clayton (Morgan Freeman)


Angus McBride (Sam Elliott)

Long Arm John (Owen Wilson)

Handlebar (Ian McShane or Tom Hardy)

Tex Hex - Kirk Douglas (had he been in his 70s) or Jack Palance (had he been alive today), otherwise, Malcolm McDowell


Stampede - CGI

Two-faced Dingo Dan - one of Tex-hex's coyotes with an Australian accent (Guy Pierce)

Shaman (Wes Studi)

Thunderstick (David Hyde Pierce)

Sandstorm (Ron Perlman)

Vipra (Angelina Jolie)

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