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Friday, 14 December 2018

Mini Retro Review: Once Bitten (1985) #badmovies

Once Bitten
Horror Comedy

This pretty much-forgotten horror comedy stars a pre-superstar and young Jim Carrey who plays a guy who wants to lose his virginity to his girlfriend, but she insists that they wait. A countess turns up and tries to turn him into a vampire, in order to preserve her youthful looks. Carrey isn't actually funny in this; rather he plays it straight but his character Mark is okay, though like with all the characters, they are underdeveloped. The remaining characters were either douchebags or throwaway. The comedy is poor and I didn't laugh once, watch out for an earlier appearance of Megan Mullaly who went on to play Karen in Will and Grace. The gay panic homophobic shower scene was the biggest low point of the movie and it was just uncomfortable and unsettling to endure, the story, which is played out in a similar fashion to Teen Wolf, as it went on, dragged and became dull and there was no joy sitting through this. I watched this to see teen Jim Carrey and for no other reason, and yet the main reason why I didn't rank this lower than Fun With Dick and Jane is that I liked Mark, a tad more than Dick in that film. Nonetheless, this was still wretched and sleazy.

Is It Worth Watching?

Not really unless you are an avid Jim Carrey fan


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