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Monday, 1 May 2017

24 Of My Favourite Logo Title Font Designs From '80s Movies

A logo serves as a representation of any business or property. It has to be able to capture people's attention, as well as garner further interest. The movie business is one example of many businesses with ever-changing technology and more movies are being pumped out by studios, every year. 

Each and every one of us enjoy watching films and movies and despite that studios are relying more on CGI effects, computer technology and trickery, what hasn't changed is the logo: as it becomes more integral, besides stating the name of the film, its design aspects nurture audiences expectations and evoke the mood of, as well as the set up of the story. 

Below are 24 of my favourite movie logo title font concepts from a range of films that I have selected representing the decade that is the 1980s, along with the name of the font type used or designer of the typeface. 


ITC Symbol Bold

Gill Sans Std UltraBold

Caslon 540 Roman

ITC Machine

Alien League

Beverly Hills Cop font by Bolton bros

Adventures in Babysitting by Phill Norman

Alex Murphy Solid - Custom

Romancing The Stone by Nina Saxon

Heavy Outline Sport Characters Font

Title design by Dan Perri, fonts used: Gill Kayo and Avant Garde 

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