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Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Day Superficiality: Why I Dread This Occasion The Most

Valentine's Day is anti-romance, capitalistic, materialistic, contrived, vapid and an attempt to take advantage of people's emotions and feelings, in expressing their love for their partner. 

Love and romance are both personal in nature; it's supposed to be heartfelt, come from the heart and genuine, and shouldn't be used to degenerate and belittling a couple's love and affection. 

Why anyone needs to express their feelings and love through material objects, no matter its value, is something I don't get. Because a couple's love means more, rather than just 1 day and by giving or receiving a Hallmark card with a big fat heart and message on it. 

Sure enough Christmas is as guilty of being too commercialized as Valentine's day; however, I dread Valentine's Day the most, because it toys and plays with people's personal emotions and feelings when it comes to romance and love by glorifying it to the max. In a shallow - type of way. 

Relationships are a big thing, marriage is too.... whereas with Valentine's Day, who really needs a special day to celebrate and remember the true importance of love and romance? The definition of the true importance of love and romance can not be defined by a card, box of chocolates, sex, jewelry and a couple of roses, and by one day of the year. 

I also dislike how it puts pressure on people to get together with someone, even if you are single, and yet, currently you are not ready or do not feel ready to be in a relationship. 

You know what? Being single, you need to have love and respect for yourself first, before you are in a committed relationship with someone, and then when the time comes, if and when the right person comes along, it will happen. And that is not (always) on Valentine's day. In this case, putting your feelings first, is not being selfish - it just shows that you're not going to be pressured by anyone, or any event or day telling you you need to find your boyfriend, girlfriend and later jump into bed with them. 

It's funny people assume it's only single people who loathe Valentine's day, but there are some couples, who feel a relationship isn't something that should be turned into a commercial hype-fest. It's also funny when people assume being single is considered a bad thing altogether. 'Single' is a word that describes a person strong and confident in themselves, who enjoys their independence & freedom, without being dictated and relying on other people. 

Valentine's Day is a bit like giving someone an ultimatum, but with its image shrouded by superficial pap. It is the season of do-or-die - if you don't accept, then chances are, it's over for the pair of you for good. 

If you decide to part- take and fall for all that commercial clap-trap, you are seen or accused of only showing your love for your significant other, because it is the thing to do on February 14 of every year. If however, you don't do anything and don't get him/her anything on the big day, you run into arguments with them. 

It's the one day in the whole calendar where the entire world, and universe tells you to be with someone on this day, and if you don't, then to them you are nothing. Well, technically, not nothing, but you are not in the same league as them. And with that, you are made to feel miserable. 

It's the one day where it makes married people, people with boyfriends, girlfriends look great, and single people look like fools. 

There are 364 other days of the year to express your feelings to your partner. You can choose other days to be with each other's company, and without shoving Valentine's Day down your throat. 

I am not here to change your mind about Valentine's Day - if it is your type of thing, be my guest. I don't particularly care. 

Just ponder this thought: it's better to appreciate that you have someone at all or as a single person, valuing your true self as a human being, rather than valuing and evaluating your relationship with your partner, based on one ceremonious day of the year. 

Sorry cupid, but no thanks. 

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