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Saturday, 4 February 2017

'Did You Know That?' 26 Robin Williams & Julia Roberts Related Film & TV Connections & Trivia

Their film careers didn't commence until the 1980s

Major Hollywood Success Eluded Both Performers until the latter 1980s - Both of their film careers didn't take off until the late 1980s: Robin Williams with Good Morning, Vietnam and Dead Poets Society and Julia Roberts for Mystic Pizza and Steel Magnolias 

Unmemorable Screen Debuts - Both actors made their onscreen film debuts in tacky, low-grade sex comedies: Roberts for Firehouse in 1987 (far left), Williams for Can I Do It Till I Need Glasses? 10 years earlier in 1977

Made- For- TV Movies - Before their major breakthroughs with Good Morning, Vietnam and Dead Poets Society and Steel Magnolias & Mystic Pizza, they appeared in HBO made- for- TV drama flicks. Robin as Tommy Wilhelm in Seize The Day in 1986 and Baja Oklahoma for Julia as Candi in 1988

Comedy Films - Robin Williams is known for comedy films mostly, whereas with Julia Roberts for romantic comedy films 

Hook - Both starred in Steven Spielberg's Hook in 1991 as protagonist characters, Peter Banning/Peter Pan and Tinkerbell 

The Sunglasses Look - Robin as Dale in Fathers' Day and Julia as Erin Brockovich

The Geeky, Nerdy Look - They both dressed and looked like geeks in Mork & Mindy episode Putting the Ork Back In Mork, Peter Banning in Hook and The Best of Times for Robin Williams and America's Sweethearts for Julia Roberts

The 1990s - They each had hugely successful careers in the 1990s with blockbusters such as The Pelican Brief, Mrs Doubtfire, My Best Friend's Wedding, Hook and it is still today their most successful decade, careers-wise

(below: magazine covers from 1991)

Sesame Street - during that same year in 1991, Julia Roberts and Robin Williams both appeared on an episode of the kids' TV show, Sesame Street entitled, ''Big Bird's Birthday or Let Me Eat Cake'' alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis and even Donald Trump


Doctor, Doctor... - They played doctors in medical-based films, Dr Emma Brookner in 2014's The Normal Heart and Dr Malcolm Sayer in 1990's Awakenings  


Touchstone Pictures - Both starred in successful motion pictures that were released under the Touchstone banner via Buena Vista Pictures through Disney that went on to gross more than $100 million at the box office, each: Good Morning, Vietnam and Dead Poets Society for Williams during the 1980s and Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride for Roberts in the 1990s

Robin Williams & Julia Roberts hit their stride with Insomnia, One Hour Photo & Erin Brockovich, America's Sweethearts, Mona Lisa Smile - They peaked in their careers during the early 2000s, not to mention that was their last best work to date

Billion Dollar Babies - As to date, the total gross generated by Julia Roberts's films have amounted to over $2,735 billion, whereas Robin Williams's films have generated around over $3, 270 billion. In grand total, that is over $6 billion, just by combining both of their totals (source: Box Office Mojo)

Goodie Two-Shoes - They have played antagonist roles several times in their careers, but they have been predominately known for (typecast) protagonist roles as either the at times amusing female love interest for Roberts and the comical good guy role for Williams; that, and that neither of them can pull off the evil villain role convincingly 

Honey, I Shrunk The Human - The plots of Ferngully: The Last Rainforest and The Ant Bully share one thing in common: the main human character is shrunk down to the size of a small creature and he learns what it takes to walk a mile in their shoes with Robin Williams's Batty Koda to Zak and Julia Roberts's Hova to Lucas teaching them the fundamental lessons in life


                                                             Hova and Koda

Danny DeVito - Danny was the writer and director of 2003's dark comedy, Death To Smoochy and whose production company was the home of 2000's Erin Brockovich

Chris Columbus Divorcee & Their New Lover Movies - Both Stepmom and Mrs Doubtfire are movies based around divorce and whereby a new partner enters into the fray and into the lives of their lover & their kids. In Mrs Doubtfire, it's Miranda & Stuart with Daniel as the lone divorcee and in Stepmom, it's with Isabelle and Luke as the newly couple with Jackie on the sidelines

Fellow Co-stars of Robin Williams and Julia Roberts Movies - Marcia Gay Harden (Flubber, Mona Lisa Smile), Sally Field (Steel Magnolias, Mrs Doubtfire), Tim Robbins (Cadillac Man, Pret- A- Porter), Kirsten Dunst (Jumanji, Mona Lisa Smile), John Heard (Awakenings, The Pelican Brief), Woody Allen (Everyone Says I Love You & Deconstructing Harry), Hugh Grant (Nine Months, Notting Hill), Billy Crystal (Fathers' Day, America's Sweethearts), Hank Azaria (The Birdcage, America's Sweethearts) and Nathan Lane (The Birdcage, Mirror Mirror) have all worked with both actors on individual projects

'I'll Be There For You' - Non-movie - wise, Robin Williams in season 3 as Tomas and Julia Roberts in season 2 as Susie appeared individually as guest stars on the hit sitcom, Friends during the 1990s. 

Conservative, Elitist Institutional Movies Set In The Academic World - Mona Lisa Smile was the 00s feminist version of Dead Poets Society with art history, in place of English Literature & Katherine Watson in place of John Keating

Fish Out of Water - Both John Keating of Dead Poets Society and Katherine Watson of Mona Lisa Smile are teachers with newfound ways of educating and inspiring their students who find themselves embroiled in unfamiliar situations

The World of Disney - Julia Roberts and Robin Williams have played Disney-based characters on more than one occasion- Roberts as Tinkerbell in Hook and the evil queen in Mirror Mirror, a version of Snow White and the seven dwarves & Williams as Peter Pan in Hook, voicing the Genie in Aladdin and starring in Flubber as Professor Phillip Brainard

It Runs In The Family - Siblings wise, they acted alongside Goldie Hawn's Husband, as well as her Daughter; Julia worked with Kate Hudson on Mother's Day, whereas Robin worked with Kurt Russell on The Best of Times. & Robin with Joan Cusack in Toys and Julia with Joan's brother, John of America's Sweethearts

Fathers' Day & Mother's Day - They each starred in comedy-based films named after special days in the year in celebration of fatherhood and motherhood: Robin Williams for Fathers' Day in 1997 and Julia Roberts for Mother's Day in 2016 - although the former was more of a comedy, it did have romantic comedy elements in it. Just like with Mother's Day 

The Middle Ages - In general terms, Middle Age refers to a period when s/he is at a certain age beyond young adulthood but before old age, i.e. 60+ years old. Julia Roberts (below) was aged 48/49 when she starred alongside Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson in Mother's Day.... Robin Williams (below) was aged around 44/45 during the filming of Fathers' Day, alongside Billy Crystal in 1996. That movie came out 20 years earlier. I can only imagine that had Robin Williams been born in the 1960s, rather than the 1950s that come say, post-2000s, had he still lived today he would look somewhat similar to what he was before in the 1990s. 

Garry Marshall, Robert Altman, Mike Nichols and Chris Columbus - As well as Steven Spielberg, they have also worked with directors Garry Marshall, Mike Nichols and Chris Columbus >> Garry Marshall was the creator of Mork and Mindy and first discovered Robin Williams and he was also the director of Mother's Day, Pretty Woman & Runaway Bride for Julia Roberts. He was a very instrumental part of their successful careers. Mike Nichols directed The Birdcage, Closer and Charlie Wilson's War. Robert Altman directed the 1980s live-action version of Popeye starring Robin as the self-titled character, whilst he also worked on the less than successful Pret- A- Porter with Julia. Chris Columbus directed Mrs Doubtfire and Bicentennial Man, as well as Stepmom.

Oscar Success - They each landed their one and only Academy Award win - Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting for best-supporting actor in 1998 and Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich for Best leading female actress in 2001


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