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Sunday, 14 June 2015

41 Of My Favourite Sports Teams Logo Designs

Determination, skill, effort, passion and the will to win, not to mention a bit of luck on your side as well.... these are some of the criteria that is needed for any respected sports team to be successful on the pitch, arena or anywhere. 

And whilst not all sports generate as many scores, goals, touchdowns and what-have-nots, what they do have in common is that teams have other ways of generating publicity and interest for fans and taking the brand forward, besides the play. One of these is in the form of the logo: from something that looks simple - yet captures and conveys the feel of and epitomizes what the team and the city/country it represents is about, to designs that really make you go 'wow, that is impressive', in terms of their visual appeal, their concept and how that concept transcends what it may say about the people or area it represents. 

Most sports logos encompass at least one of the following elements: an image of an animal or cultural landmark, a type of sports ball, in addition to a font type for the logo and text and bright, bold and contrasting colours. The popular sports teams, particularly those hailing from North America have a recognizable and unique approach for this. 

Here I have chosen my favourite sports teams logos in no particular order; I have included the official ones, as well as the fan-made ones, and selected 21 official logos and 20 fan-made logos. Just because the fan-made ones are usually better than the official logos. Well, most of them, anyway. 

For me, these designs are clean, simple, with bold and bright colours as well as imaginative, creative and original.  

Atlanta Dream - Women's NBA team 


New York Liberty - Women's NBA team

Cleveland Rockers - Women's NBA team 

Minnesota Lynx - Women's NBA team 

Houston Rockets - Men's NBA team

Cleveland Cavaliers - Men's NBA team 

Dallas Mavericks - Men's NBA team 

New Orleans Pelicans - Men's NBA team

Toronto Bluejays - Major League Baseball 

Miami Dolphins - NFL 

Houston Texans - NFL 

Jacksonville Jaguars - NFL 

Carolina Panthers - NFL 

Brisbane Roar - Australian soccer team 

Philadelphia Eagles - NFL 

  St Louis Rams - NFL 

 FC Dallas - Major League Soccer 

Fort Worth Vaqueros FC - National Premier Soccer League

Sydney FC - Australian A- League 

Washington Capitals - National Hockey League 

Boston Brawlers - American football team 

And here are my favourite fan logo design concepts.....

Cleveland Cavaliers by Yu Masuda 

New Orleans Pelicans by TinBacicDesign 

Charlotte Hornets by Eren G. 

Minnesota Timberwolves by Yu Matsuda 

Washington Wizards by Michael Weinstein 

Brooklyn Nets by Michael Weinstein 

New York Knicks by Yu Masuda 

Houston Rockets by Funkatron101 

Dallas Mavericks by Yu Masuda 

Atlanta Hawks by Stephen Vereen 

Chicago Bulls by Mon Carnet 

St Louis Rams by OSPREYDAWN aka Max O'Brien 

New England Patriots by Max O'Brien

Atlanta Falcons by Max O'Brien 

L.A Dodgers by Derschwigg 

Buffalo Bills by That Guy 

Miami Dolphins X Miami Marlins MLB mash-up logo

Chicago Bears by TinBacicDesign 

Tennessee Smokies by Studio Simon 

Toronto Raptors by Project Thirty Four 

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