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Friday, 18 September 2015

If Movies Had Sequels: Steven Spielberg's Hook

So I've been re-watching Hook starring Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Bob Hoskins, Dame Maggie Smith and Dustin Hoffman last week and as much as I love this movie, I felt and realised the last 15-20 mins, especially with the ending was, off, very underwhelming and very anti-climatic. It left me rather sad and desolate, particularly for the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell, who had to bid farewell to Peter. 

The ending posed more questions than answers and though it concluded on a positive note, I was getting the impression that had there been a sequel, those unanswered questions might have been addressed. 

It made me wonder what could've and might've happened if Hook had received a follow-up. 

Well, this is how I would have written and envisaged it. These ideas as my own only and I know some of you may disagree and have your own ideas, as well as these ideas, do not follow the original canon of Peter and Wendy and of Peter Pan, but as ever these ideas and thoughts are my own. 

The original plot of Hook:

In this development of the Peter Pan story, busy lawyer Peter Banning takes his family to London during the festive period to meet up and stay with granny Wendy. But the visit takes an unexpected turn when Peter's children are abducted by the cunning Captain Hook, forcing Peter to confront his past & accept that he still is Peter Pan, but in grown-up form. With the help of Tinkerbell & The Lost Boys, he returns to Never, Never Land to confront his arch-enemy & by transforming into Peter Pan, in his quest to win back his children & defeat Hook. 

**disclaimer: I do not own Hook, nor take credit for it**

'Pan's Return'

Released in 1994 
movie rating: PG-13 (US), U (UK certification rating) 

main & supporting characters: Peter Banning/Peter Pan, Jack and Maggie, the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, Terrence, William Hook, Smee, Tiger Lilly, Leilani, pirates 

  • The unofficial sequel to Hook would be titled: 'Pan's Return' and it would take place 3 years after the events of 'Hook'. That movie was originally released in 1991 and so, therefore, the follow-up would (have) come (/came) out in late 1994 
  • Captain Hook is gone but there is a new villain in town: Captain James Hook's brother, named William (aka Will, of whom I made up), who tries to avenge his brother's death
  • In the first movie, Captain Hook kidnaps Peter's children and Peter has to go back to Never, Never Land and come to their rescue; in this sequel, Hook's brother is so upset and angry over James's demise at the hands of Peter, he travels to the real world in London and in disguise and unknown to Moira, succeeds in killing her
  • When Peter finds out, he is devastated and the family grieve and mourn her death. Over the course of the movie, Wendy later dies as well through natural causes and old age, leaving only Toodles, Peter's children Jack and Maggie and Peter himself as the main survivors. 
  • Hook's brother leaves a note saying that he had killed Moira and out of anger, despair & vengeance over James's death
  • Hurt and angry, Peter magically travels back to Never Never Land & once again transforms into Peter Pan to seek vengeance over his wife's death, with the aid of his children, Tiger Lilly and reuniting with the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell
  • Meanwhile, Tinkerbell and Terrence (played by some blond haired A-list actor) are together as girlfriend and boyfriend at first. When Peter discovers that they are an item, he becomes jealous of their relationship, but not to the extent that he is bitter, and thus, harbours romantic feelings for Tink, for which this is unknown to her. He is heartbroken at first but when Tink gets dumped by Terrence later on, Tink turns to Peter for solace and comfort (Tink and Terrence split up, Peter is a widower) and the pair reacquaint their friendship, bond, and later on their feelings for one another are rekindled and reciprocated and Peter and Tinkerbell fall in love. 
  • The Lost Boys, led by leader Thump, continue defending Neverland against the pirates and Hook's men. They also have a new addition: a lost girl named Leilani (another character that I made up). Jack and Maggie spend some time with the Lost Boys & Leilani and have fun all at the same time, getting to know each of them in turn. 
  • Tiger Lilly shows up later on in the movie and aids Tink, Peter, the Lost Boys and Peter's kids in their battle against Hook's adversaries. Peter, Tiger Lilly, Jack and The Lost Boys save and rescue Maggie who is captured later on and held hostage. 
  • We get different scenes of Peter with the Lost Boys, with a one-to-one, heart to heart with Thump, of Peter with his kids. As this movie is set 3 years after 'Hook', Jack and Maggie are a little older, and their thoughts, feelings have developed since then as human beings that through their conversations with the Lost Boys and Tink they start to understand their father's journey, his tales and origins from a lost boy to a man, and his transition from a child to a father. 
  • The moral of the first movie was about not forgetting your inner childhood and the things that made you happy as an adult; the moral of the story of this sequel is about keeping hope alive and realising that for all its downsides, there are upsides as well and that you must continue seeking happiness. That there is life after tragedy and death. No matter the circumstances, big or small, we deserve good things to happen to us as good people. 
  • Cast: Robin Williams as Peter Pan (who else would it be?), Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell, the actors who played the Lost Boys, Jack and Maggie all reprise their roles from the prequel, Tiger Lilly (some actress of Native American descent), Leilani (some child actress), Hook's brother (have no clue, but he'd be around 2 or 3 years younger than Capt. Hook/Dustin Hoffman), Terrence (again, I'm not sure, Matthew McCounaughey or Josh Holloway perhaps) 

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