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Saturday, 19 December 2015

15 Things I Love and Loathe About Christmas

'The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming....' as featured in the Coca Cola ads during Christmas time. 

Things that I like about Christmas

  • The Christmas lights and decorations 

  • Christmas dinner - it varies depending on where you live in the world, the family that you come from, as well as that many different ethnic communities embrace Christmas their own way and style

  • The cold weather gives us an excuse to stay at home, relax, watch TV, movies, play video games, go on the internet... or to just chill out 

  • My sister's birthday falls on December 25th and so we have a birthday cake, in addition to the presents that she gets

  • The gift giving, exchanging presents and seeing the happy smiles on their faces - it's not so much about the receiving but the giving and seeing the positive reactions  

  • Receiving gifts - OK, so I lied

  • The Christmas break and embracing the holiday values - not having to work, or thinking about work. It's all about having time for yourself and with your loved ones. And not all of the holiday values are related to religion, anyhow; they are just common knowledge and general etiquette people adhere to that are detached from being Holy and religious. Such as kindness, respect for others, having respect for yourself, being a good person. 

  • Christmas bestows on people like myself peace and contentment - which is something we all need after a year of hard work, for a lot of people who had to endure struggles, difficulties, hardships, tough times, this is a good time and place to wind down, relax and be at inner peace with oneself.  

Things that I don't like about Christmas

  • Buying gifts and presents when I haven't the faintest idea what to get for my relatives - I get them a gift card, or money if they specifically ask for it. I know it is a cop-out, but honestly, on the one day of the year, if you and when you don't know what to get for your loved ones, just give them a gift card. I do that and they don't complain or moan about it. I'd rather get them something than give them nothing.

  • The materialistic aspect of it - even though I do get gifts, I still sort of dislike the whole materialistic side of Christmas. Unfortunately, we live in an age where if we want a particular item or gift to give to someone, we have to fork out money for it. 

  • Shopping in person - sorry, but I can't be done with all the excessive whinging, moaning, getting crushed in the crowds, having to listen to crappy Xmas songs. I just do the shopping online in the comfort of my home.  

  • The stress and pressures it puts on people, having to meet deadlines such as before Xmas day; particularly when older relatives turn up and they start whining about the state of the house and getting you to clean and tidy the place up. It's so annoying.  

Image credit: Stressbusting 

  • People b****ing and complaining over little things, especially when they don't get the gift they want for Christmas (in this case alone, save up for and buy it for yourself when the holidays are over) when it is supposed to be a time for relaxation, celebration and enjoying the holidays with friends and family and taking a rest from work.

  • People saying that only Christians can celebrate Christmas and no one else - I am an atheist and to be quite frank, in my opinion, everyone and anyone should celebrate Christmas, however, and whenever they feel like it, - regardless of their religious affiliation. Or lack of one. It doesn't have to be this way, that way. There is no fixed idea - just go ahead and do it and have fun. Yes, I know it is traditionally a religious holiday for many countries with predominately Christian communities. But during the past 10 or 15 years, it has evolved into a secular holiday where people use this period to meet up with loved ones, families and friends, to reflect on the past year and other things -without thinking too much about the religious side of it. And there is nothing wrong with that, whatsoever.

  • That we prepare ourselves in advance... for a holiday that lasts for just 2 days of the whole Gregorian calendar year. But then again, the preparation for Christmas begins at the beginning of December. For me, that is when I really get into the festive spirit and feeling giddy and excited about Christmas. The earlier I think about it and the longer the days pass by in the run up to December 24, the more excited and interested I become and when Xmas Eve, day and Boxing Day arrives, I feel even more happy and elated about Christmas. But I do agree with people who say we prepare ourselves weeks in advance for Christmas, for a holiday which only lasts for 2 days (3 if you count Boxing Day and you live in Australia or the UK) - and when it is over, which happens very quickly, it's back to daily/normal working life, after that. 

But other than that...

Season's greetings to you all! 

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