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Saturday, 7 May 2016

How To Save Time & Money On Purchases On Amazon

When it comes to shopping online for purchases and cheap deals, Amazon is my go-to place; more-so for DVDs than everything else. The site is home to more than 200 million registered online customers, worldwide (including myself) - that is more than rival site, Rakuten (formerly of The convenience and sheer ease of shopping at the comfort of my home or on my phone via the Amazon app, as well as the vast range of products at low prices made available means I don't have to bother travelling to a store to get a DVD or electronic equipment, for instance.  

We all love a good deal and bargain, and there are also other ways to shop on Amazon, whilst also saving you more time and money; many of which are unheard of until now. 

All of these tricks and tips are collated from a variety of websites. 

  • Buy items in used condition from third party sellers - especially DVDs; these tend to be at lower prices, for as low as say 1p. Before, I used to balk at the idea of buying and owning used DVDs but nowadays, I realise that in buying them, I have saved plenty of money for what would have cost £2, 3, 4 more in-store. I have bought a couple of used DVDs for under £2.00 each, excluding postage and delivery costs. Some sellers such as Music Magpie sell the same DVDs on their websites - although if they offer free shipping & delivery like they do, the used DVDs will cost slightly more than on Amazon; therefore it's better to buy from the sellers directly from Amazon than from their own online stores - it may cost you an additional £1.26 for delivery but if the individual DVD costs 27p or 1p, then it's still worth it. Always go for either 'like new' or 'very good' condition. 
  • DVD deals are subject to change, but these tend to include 3 DVDs & blu-ray DVDs for £20 and 2 for £10 deals. 
  • Use CamelCamelCamel - set email alerts for goods that you want to purchase. Simply add the URL site of your desired item in the search box, enter the amount you want to pay for it. When the price of that item falls to that amount or lower, you will receive an email notification from Amazon

  • Also take a look at Keepa - much like CamelCamelCamel it is a website that tracks and updates prices on Amazon. You can sign in with your Facebook and/or Twitter account and search for items on, Amazon UK, Japan and China. 
  • Download the Amazon Alert app from the Apple store or Play Store 
  • Buying from overseas Amazon websites
  • Always check out the sales - these change each week and also, very often Amazon will have a sale with items at reduced prices. 
  • Earn cash-back if the price of the item drops on sale after you had purchased it - contact Amazon's Customer Service & ask for a refund for the difference
  • Take advantage of the day's deals, lightning deals offers
  • Warehouse deals sell second-hand, warehouse damaged goods at heavily discounted prices 
  • Amazon Associates - an affiliate programme, it is free to join. If you have a blog or website, you choose a product to advertise it on and you earn up to 10% in referral fees when people click and buy products from Amazon via your blog or site. 

  • Being a Amazon Prime member - but only if you are willing to fork out £79 (or $99 if you live in the US) a year for membership 
  • Amazon Student - for those at college or university, you reap all the benefits of Amazon Prime but at half the price. 
  • Type 'Amazon freebies' in the search box and you should see a list of results from different categories, most of these tend to be Kindle edition books 
  • Purchasing and using an Amazon gift card to pay for purchases and as it will stop you from wasting money on a pre-paid debit card, as well as credit card balances and any additional or outstanding charges 

  • Amazon Subscribe and Save - useful for those who regularly stock up on essentials such as groceries, toiletries and healthcare products, home-ware and kitchenware 
  • If you don't have enough money or want to wait until the price of the product drops, save the item that you want on your wishlist. You can create up to 10 lists and whenever you revisit and go back to them, you can see the updated prices. 
  • Groupon, Voucher Codes, (for U.S residents) and Amazon have promo codes and vouchers and voucher codes which you can use and spend on available items 

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