Saturday, 17 June 2017

Not So Mini Review: Eat Pray Love (2010) #badmovies

Eat Pray Love
Genre: Romantic Drama

Nauseating and, dare I add also, despicable film into how running away from your problems, instead of confronting them, and whilst hurting people along the way, makes it seem like it is a morally acceptable thing to do. Liz talks the talk, harping on and on about self-worth and finding and loving yourself - only to dump and leave her husband, jump into bed with a younger guy, ditch him, go on a globe-trotting trip and fall in love with another guy. Yeah, some 'role model' this woman is. 

If this film didn't kill Julia Roberts's movie career, then maybe, perhaps it should or ought to have. Eat Pray Love offended me on every single level and I still, for the life of me, can't get my head around why Julia Roberts, who is used to playing likable characters, chose to play this role. It reeks of trashy. It paints her in a very negative light and makes other people question her movie choices, regardless of how talented she is. 

Liz is a terrible role model, based on the real Liz Gilbert, and her actions border on desperation, self-pity and narcissism. The longer the film went on, the more intolerable it became. I felt sick.

Julia, in my opinion, made a grave error to be a part of this movie - just look at the reviews and comments on Letterboxd, IMDb and on around 90-95% of those reviews are negative. And they are not from critics, and some of them are fans of Julia's. That tells you something at how poorly received Eat Pray Love is. and deserves to be. It was unpleasant all the way through.

I end up going back to rewatching Steel Magnolias, Erin Brockovich, America's Sweethearts, Hook, The Pelican Brief just to rid myself of the stench this film has given off. Those were the good times for Julia Roberts - whereas this film ain't.

Worst Julia Roberts movie, ever. Without hesitation for me that is.

Is It Worth Seeing?

Not for me. Seeing sweet good gal Julia play a selfish and obnoxious character just doesn't wash with me, one bit. And one I won't ever buy into. 


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