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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Mini Retro Review: Animal Instincts (1992) #badmovies

Animal Instincts
Erotic Thriller

From the (would you believe that?) Academy Award-winning director of photography of Inception and The Dark Knight Returns comes this low- grade tawdry erotic offering with bland characters and inane story, which went some distance with the erotic thriller genre, up until Basic Instinct's arrival later on in the same year. A cop and his wife are sexually frustrated and in need of reigniting the spark in their marriage. Yet the cop prefers to film his wife in bed with other men, and women, rather than sleep with her himself, so he films them having sex. He then comes up with a blackmail scheme that lands him & his horny wife in hot water. Mundane script, multiple camera shots of Shannon Whirry's breasts. No tension, hardly any murders, just nudity & lots of s*agging. The twists lack punch. It's just not thrilling or exciting enough.

Is it worth seeing?

Despite the sex scenes, I found it boring overall.


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