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Friday, 30 June 2017

Mini Retro Review: Gymkata (1985) #badmovies

Martial Arts Action

A film that tries to combine karate with gymnastics - something that I think would have been cool to watch -, the film, Gymkata (Jim Carter) opens up with a gymnast and some running horses. Starring Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas, the hero has to survive a competition that previously cost the life of his father. Thomas makes out with some Asian woman, who doesn't say much at all (there is practically very little dialogue uttered), bad acting throughout, the action where he combines karate with gymnastics, as interesting as it looked, it didn't flow so well and so smoothly and most of the film was boring and that there is more running about than actual fighting and karate. Cracked website listed this as one of the worst action movies of all-time.  

Is It Worth Seeing?

Along with the terrible acting, it was too bland for me, despite Kurt's flips 


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