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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Mini Retro Review: Inner Sanctum (1991) #badmovies

Inner Sanctum
Genre: Erotic Thriller

More like an inner rectum, the wife, Jennifer is confined to a wheelchair and is left paralysed, yet her husband, who shares his name with a brand of canned soup in Baxter, treats her like crap, he shouts at her and loses the plot. He is easily infuriated by Jen, partly because of her immobility, that he doesn't really care about her - and yet doesn't mind sleeping around with two other women: a co-worker of his firm and a live-in nurse. Jen tries to kill herself as she is haunted by suspicions that Baxter is cheating on her with another woman. There is bad acting throughout, bad music and some dire erotic sex scenes. Meanwhile, the violence is schlocky and unconvincing -which is untypical for a B/Z-movie. The story tries to be convincing in a Hitchcock-way, but it leaves virtually little to the imagination, & the control-freak husband is utterly self- loathable, obnoxious and a sleazebag. 

Good thing he gets his just desserts in the end.

It was made for $650,000 and was a success, leading to a sequel, 3 years later. 

Is it worth seeing?

Only for the last 15 mins when Baxter is killed, but otherwise, no, not really. 


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