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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Mini Retro Review: Ladykillers (1988) #badmovies

Genre: Made For TV Movie

80s cheese in the form of an erotic slasher type movie, Ladykillers (not to be confused with the remake starring Tom Hanks which has 'The' in the title) is Magic Mike meets crime thriller. It's a male version of 1987's Stripped to Kill, which has the same premise and plot, but this is gender-flipped with the male cop posing as a stripper, instead of a female one. The killer in disguise, looking like David Bowie from Labyrinth, is murdering male strippers and a young, buff cop, along with his girlfriend boss are sent to go undercover with the young cop posing as a stripper to investigate. It's silly and watchable in places with some overdramatic music, but the soundtrack is good with some killer pop songs. Given this is a low- budget TV movie, Ladykillers lacks in suspense, actual thrills and the reveal of the killer isn't that impressive, and the weapon used to kill the victims is rather silly, nor are their true motives underlined. At times, the nature of the script and the predictability into knowing how it will end up is forced and doesn't feel genuine enough. The male and female cop pairing with Taxi's Marilu Henner & Thomas Calabro did not convince me that much, either. Compared to Stripped To Kill, this is actually trite.

Is It Worth Seeing?

It's not terribly horrific, but it most certainly isn't grade A-stuff, either. If you are into erotic-type thrillers, then yes. 


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