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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Mini Retro Review: What Women Want (2000) #badmovies

What Women Want
Romantic Comedy

Yet another rom-bomb and the film where Mel Gibson jumped the shark - Bird on the Wire was just daft, but this movie, this is another severe case of miscasting. Cocky Nick is injured during an incident and out of it, he gains the ability to read women's minds and their thoughts & this attracts the attention of a female co-worker. So little plot, a film that would have worked with better leads than Gibson and Helen Hunt, who aren't very charming on screen. This film is a waste, not so much because of the writing, which is iffy in places, but the comedy isn't great and the romance doesn't work. I was so unconvinced by the Gibson/Hunt pairing. I'm a woman, but this is not the type of rom-com I want. The premise is interesting but its lousy conception is what also damns it. Although I find it uncomfortable sitting through this film knowing what a misogynistic and anti-Semitic bigot Gibson has become over the years, which has put me off from liking him as a human being. And that is a shame, as I enjoyed Lethal Weapon.

Is it worth seeing?

For rom-com obsessives only


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