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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Mini Retro Review: Nailgun Massacre (1985) #badmovies

Nailgun Massacre
Genre: Horror Thriller

The film begins with a rape of a woman by some construction workers, who tear her clothes off, which is not a pleasant way to start a movie. Set in some rural area of Texas, a mysterious person dressed in a camouflage suit and a motorcycle helmet, & sounding like some villain of a terrible video game, targets random victims by shooting them with a nailgun. A doctor and his girlfriend then go to investigate the murders. There is some sexual nudity, some of the killings are nasty in its execution, such as a nail gun shot into a guy's crotch. The acting, however, is too improvised, the story itself wasn't entertaining to sit through, the pace is sluggish thus taking away from some of the suspense, and the performances are stocky and aren't believable. Had the story been a lot more entertaining and better also, I'd have enjoyed it more. For a low budget Z-movie, the picture quality is as I'd expected and it looks out of focus, at times.

Is it worth seeing? 

It's a low-grade, budget version of the Predator mixed with The Exterminator. An indie-based slasher-type horror flick, if you enjoy horror movies and things like Predator, this might interest you. If you are more into the story aspect, forget it and avoid this. The premise sounded intriguing, but the film isn't as great as I'd expected. 


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