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Friday, 14 July 2017

Mini Movie Review: The King Of Fighters (2010) #badmovies

The King Of Fighters
Science Fiction Martial Arts 

Horrible unfaithful live-action film based on the popular fighting game series, The King of Fighters by SNK Playmore directed by Fist of Legend director, Gordon Chan. Characters are transported to other dimensions by evil powers and have to fight their way to survival. White actor Sean Farris who was in Never Back Down is in this one playing Japanese hero, Kyo Kusanagi. Yep, a White guy playing a Japanese Asian character and proof that Scarlett Johansson as the Major in Ghost In The Shell was not a one-off or first, in terms of White-washing in Hollywood movies and that The King of Fighters was guilty of this offence too. Choreographed fight scenes are just too silly to be convincing, story is terrible, camera work and dialogue are both bad, the film is as dumb as Double Dragon and the use of special effects is a bit too much. None of the actors as their characters resemble their video game counterparts, one bit.

Is It Worth Seeing?

One of the worst video game movies I've seen that is up there with Super Mario Bros, Dead or Alive and is probably worst than Streetfighter, as it looks even more ridiculous & is more absurd by comparison. I don't know how on earth Gordon Chan messed this one up. 

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