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Friday, 15 September 2017

Mini Retro Review: Final Approach (2008) #badmovies

Final Approach
Action/Thriller TV Movie

Made- for- TV, low-budget version of what is essentially Hallmark channel's very own Executive Decision, but with a cop in place of an army general & minus Hollywood then A-listers in Kurt Russell and Halle Berry, Final Approach takes an awfully long time for events to build up and is hackneyed to the core. There is even a reference to Executive Decision and a 2 hr - yes this ran for 2 hrs, 46 mins - running time for a TV movie, is, by itself, just ridiculous. There is no way that a low-budget C/Z movie should be that long. There are scenes with a woman trying to evade her kidnappers, which makes little sense to the main plot. You barely get to know anything about the main characters played by ex-Superman Dean Cain and Back To The Future's Lea Thompson as the couple. Thompson looks out of place, and like I mentioned in my review of Exit Speed, action films are just not her strong point & she doesn't have a natural penchant for them. People have also pointed out the illogical plot contrivances of Final Approach and whilst that is not much of a huge deal for me, I do understand why viewers may find them annoying. The action is minimal and routine as one would expect in an action-Z movie & as such there are no real killings. Characters are forgettable, the dialogue is dreary & it's overlong with a story that will put you to sleep. This so-called excuse of an action film is forgettable and is just not worth anyone's time. It's not worth mines, that's for sure.

Is it worth seeing?

If you could bear to sit through a 2-hour action movie, with very little action to speak of and one that is a non-theatrical release, go for it. Otherwise, easily give this one a pass. 


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