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Friday, 22 September 2017

Mini Retro Review: Final Round (1994) #badmovies

Final Round

Z-movie action offering that is like a knock-off version of The Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger with B/Z-movie action star Lorenzo Lamas. After a big-shot recruiter sees filmed footage of Tyler beating up some bad guys in a bar fight, Tyler, along with his girlfriend, who are having sex with each other, are kidnapped and thrown into an industrial complex turned arena. They, along with some other guy are then hunted by some weirdo characters that look like the characters in Universal Soldier with bad looking eyepatches. One of them even is a dead ringer for Kurt Russell's Snake Plissken. For a Z-movie, the production values are okay, but the bad guys' performances are so terrible and with Lamas (who has a Black belt in real life), one would expect some martial arts moves to go along with his character's boxing skills, but no. Lamas is likeable, but he is no Arnie and doesn't have that many cool one-liners as him. There are fewer fight scenes and very little action, the pacing tends to be a lot slower here than in The Running Man and even the action isn't that great. In all, it's nothing that we haven't seen before that with The Dangerous Game premise this has been executed far better in The Running Man and John Woo's Hard Target. Final Round is so throwaway it lacks any sort of finesse, fun and grit those movies possess.

Is it worth watching?

If you are into Z-movie action films a lot and they are the sort of thing you enjoy watching, it's a yes, but other than that, definitely not. 


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