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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Mini Retro Review: Skyscraper (1996) #badmovies


Yet another Die Hard clone and with added softcore nudity scenes and shots of the late Anna Nicole Smith's massive breasts. The softcore sex scenes are gratuitous & feel out of context and out of place for an action film of this nature, but hey that is the main reason and only reason for the casting director to put Smith in this film. The fight and action scenes are beyond amateurish in its execution. Bad acting throughout, supporting characters are terrible, it was obviously made at the time to further capitalise on Anna Nicole's star status, not to mention her 'assets'. Her acting performance is abysmal (and yet, somehow, people say Julia Roberts is a terrible actress, sorry but Anna Nicole Smith is even worse). Plot sees a briefcase that is stolen with Nicole Smith playing a helicopter pilot, who is supposed to be the heroine of this movie. Film does not delve deeper into the characters, nor do we learn anything about them. The boyfriend/Husband of Nicole Smith's character may be hunky looking, but he is a bore with a silly name (Gordy Wink?), there is a Black guy who looks like a male version of Whoopi Goldberg, & the long-haired terrorist resembles a Chippendale dancer, whilst the other bad guy has the face of Uri Geller.

Is It Worth Seeing?

Why watch a Die Hard clone when you can watch Die Hard, itself?


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