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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Mini Retro Review: Stripped To Kill 2: Live Girls (1989) #badmovies

Stripped to Kill 2: Live Girls
Erotic Thriller

The follow-up sequel to the original Stripped to Kill which was released in 1987, this film was directed by Katt Shea, who after feeling dissatisfied with the original release, directed a second Stripped to Kill movie, which virtually has little to none of the tension, camaraderie or chemistry of the main male and female actors in Greg Evigan and Kay Lenz, who were in the first movie but do not reprise their roles in this offering. The plot of this movie, where a serial killer is murdering female strippers, is identical to its predecessor, which I enjoyed, thanks to the leads, but here it feels all too routine, plain and lacking the grittiness, twists and excitement of Stripped to Kill. Stripper (not so slim) Shady has nasty nightmares of her friends being murdered, with a cop being assigned to the task and it isn't long until the two become frisky with each other. Compared to the sex scene involving Evigan's Heineman and Lenz's Cody, their raincloud sex scene lacks passion and was weak. The music here is slightly better though, Maria Ford's hair has that Peggy Bundy of Married With Children - look to it and the performances are adequate at best. Yet the story is just not that entertaining or thrilling enough, the dialogue from the other dancers consist of them uttering the F & B -words several times and it all felt so flat, I felt little for this movie and the characters. Plus, the stripping scenes were the least bit as entertaining than in the prequel. 

Is it worth watching?

This would have not been a needless sequel, had this movie retained the characters of Cody and Heineman. If they had returned and the story and plot were just as enjoyable or more enjoyable than Stripped To Kill, then I'd have loved it. But alas, they are not in this film and in its place are two characters, of whom I didn't care for, at all. Director Kat Shea made a big mistake with that by abandoning what worked in the original and instead of an edgier film, I get something that partly resembles an MTV music video with choreographed dance routines. With unmemorable characters, boring and stale plot, no real shocks, tension and in-yer-face moments, Stripped To Kill 2 is stripped bare of all the essential elements that made the first movie watchable for me. 


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