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Friday, 20 October 2017

Mini Movie Review: Fatal Secrets (2011) #badmovies

Fatal Secrets

Also titled 'Balancing The Books', this was made in 2009 but didn't get released on DVD until 2 years later and is again one of those movies where the subject matter, violence and suspense element would have been elevated further and its potency and grittiness would have been fully realised, had it not been given the TV-movie treatment. 3 women, with little character depth, take matters into their own hands when they try and get their own back on Scott, who is the lover of the main female character played by Dina Meyer. Lea Thompson puts in the same performance in every Lifetime movie she's been in & she can't pull off the gutsy, bad girl thing realistically. Sure, it has all this tense music playing in the background and some of the music is bad, but the film is a huge waste of the talents of those involved and the heightened tension is weak, throughout through its production values, but this is nothing new for a TV movie. The film descends to a new low when the women are unmasked - and it gets even worse afterwards. A low-budget wannabe thriller that tries to have its cake and eat it, I just couldn't take it seriously. Surprisingly also for an R-rated indie film, there is no nudity but there are a few usages of the F-word.

Is It Worth Watching?

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