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Monday, 2 October 2017

Mini Retro Review: Model By Day (1993) #badmovies

Model By Day

I wonder if Famke Janssen looks back on this film and asked herself, ''how did I ever sign up to this junk in the first place?''. Years before Goldeneye and the X-Men trilogy as Jean Grey aka Marvel Girl, she starred in this low-budget version of a superhero film, whereby Jade is a catwalk model by day and vigilante crime-fighter by night. Model by Day has the makings of an erotic movie, but minus the sexual nudity scenes. Porno queen Shannon Tweed is in this -yet she isn't in this film very much and prior to the multi-million smash hit, Ace Ventura there is an appearance by Sean Young, whose career did not get better for her. Interestingly, this is based on a comic book and there is a lot of walking about, but there are a few fight scenes as well. For a film where the main character dresses like Racer X from Speed Racer, I am a bit mystified as to why it is labelled as an erotic thriller as this film is anything but that I sat through it. Originally rated 18 by the BBFC, there is not one erotic sex scene where the characters are also fully naked. The way the film is shot and edited feels every bit the Z-grade, bargain bin direct- to- video schlock I'd expect, whilst the story lacks excitement & the script is bland. 

Is it worth watching?

This is probably the blandest superhero-based film I've seen and is even less memorable than Catwoman with Halle Berry (there I said it): the fight scenes are weak, the story isn't that engrossing and you never feel invested in the main character.

I'll pass


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