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Friday, 24 November 2017

Mini Retro Review: Doing Time On Maple Drive (1992) #badmovies

Doing Time On Maple Drive
TV Movie 

Inoffensive TV movie made by Fox that could have been mistaken as a Lifetime movie that with the exception of Jim Carrey, has uninspired and inoffensive performances & is also brought down by a pedestrian direction & the film is mundane & aesthetically dated. A family tries to come to terms with their son's announcement that he is gay. But for Carrey's turn, I was bored throughout. But really, I watched this just for Carrey and to see how well he fares at playing it straight in his first dramatic role, and he was really impressive. He was subtle and natural without hogging the camera. He can do drama, as well as comedy and it's a pity his film career has been shortlived and Carrey never managed to bag more of the quality roles I've come to expect. Especially as I always saw him as the next Robin Williams as the next comedian turned movie star, yet the lack of good roles, particularly in big-screen dramas, damned him. The film is a daytime soap opera & but for Carrey and despite the bombshell dropped during the last 20 mins, there is just not enough here to make it fully worthwhile, as the approach is too bland. The film gains half an extra mark for Jim Carrey's performance, however.

Is It Worth Watching?

It's not completely horrible, just boring. But it's worth seeing just for Jim Carrey's acting, alone. 


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