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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Mini Retro Review: Nora's Hair Salon II: A Cut Above (2008) #badmovies

Nora's Hair Salon II

I need to get round to seeing the first Nora's Hair Salon, which was supposed to be okay overall but better than this movie. Supposedly so that is. This movie is a cheap Z-movie version of Beautyshop which starred Queen Latifah, only minus the charm and appealing characters & is set in a beautyshop. If you have seen that movie, then you will know that Nora's Hair Salon is the same type of movie, well, premise-wise. 2 sisters have to put aside their differences, in order to make the Salon a financial success. There is a Chinese American male character and his mother, 2 old guys are sitting outside the salon making small talk (either they are ripping off the old guys in Coming To America as played by Eddie Murphy, or it feels tacked on for no apparent reason) that does nothing but to fill in the film's runtime, the production levels are bottom of the barrel low and as expected in a straight-to-DVD movie. In fact, it looks like a low-cut TV movie this side of Hallmark channel. Stacey Dash is in this one, as well as Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Tatyana Ali and Bobby Brown. There is little plot, the humour is downright unfunny with characters that are devoid of identity and personality and the performances are poor. The dialogue is poor with curse words thrown in for cheap measure & the script is weak. 

Is It Worth Watching?

This movie is clunky and feels like it was all put together in a few days. So no. Stick with Beautyshop & Barbershop if you are into movies like this


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