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Friday, 24 November 2017

My 10 Personally Selected Desert Island Movies I'd Take With Me

: choose 10 films I would take with me if I were to be cast away and stranded on a desert island with just them & my DVD player and discussing my reasons for my choices

Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)

Best and most extraordinary performance by Robin Williams that makes use of his comedic acting and dramatic acting skills in his portrayal of disc jockey, Adrian Cronauer. This film, much like with so many of his efforts from the 1980s and 1990s would not have worked so well without Robin in the main role. Not only does he sell his performance, he owns this movie and makes it watchable. 

Tootsie (1982)

Best Dustin Hoffman performance that like Robin Williams for Good Morning, Vietnam combines his dramatic acting skills with a knack for comedy. There is something unique about Hoffman's dual turn as both a male and female in Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels in drag that doesn't come across as farcical and too over-the-top. Add to that terrific support by Jessica Lange as his onscreen love interest, Teri Garr, Sydney Pollack & Charles Durning & what we have is my favourite romantic comedy of all-time. The humourous and comedy elements within the movie is restrained with a humanity that isn't reeking of sappy and gag-inducing.  

Erin Brockovich (2000)

I am not an admirer of Steven Soderbergh, but this is the one and only movie of his I truly love and with the best performance out of Julia Roberts, who showed she can be a great actress. Whilst fans and people remember her for Pretty Woman, I'd rather best know her as Erin Brockovich, and her no-nonsense, tough-talking turn here was just spellbinding and thus, easily slays her effort from 1990.

Hook (1991) 

If you asked me 10 or 20 years ago, what is my all-time favourite film, I wouldn't have been able to reply to that question. Yet I am happy to say that I can reply with 1991's Hook, the much maligned and panned live-action fantasy flick based on Peter Pan. It has three of my favourite stars in Robin Williams, Julia Roberts and Dustin Hoffman, it has magic, it has a special place in my heart and I don't care that it got trashed: it's a film I will cherish, forever. 

Fathers' Day (1997)

Yet another panned Robin Williams movie, and this time it's a comedy. But you know what? It makes me laugh and smile so much, thanks to Robin Williams, who is hysterical as Dale. As much as I do enjoy Mrs Doubtfire, this comedy feels fresh no matter how many times I see it and it doesn't get old.  

Kramer vs Kramer (1979)

Second favourite Dustin Hoffman movie and role of his and this movie was so watchable all the way through. There wasn't one point where I was bored and the subject matter of single parents raising their children was given a twist, as it was the father left fending and supporting their child, instead of the mother. It raises so many contentious and important issues, but it was also nice to see Ted Kramer come through in the end and his bond with his son strengthening over the course of the movie. Great performances, great screenplay, it was all top notch. 

Little Big Man (1970)

A western that I can sink my teeth into, thanks to Dustin Hoffman's multitude of incarnations of Jack, from young Jack all the way to old man Jack. But for some lull moments, Dustin's charm shines through in this light-hearted Western lore.

Do The Right Thing (1989)

Spike Lee classic and though he has made some interesting movies, most of them have little resonance and impact on me as this movie. I just love everything about Do The Right Thing, from the characters, the themes it covers which still resonate today, how entertaining and light-hearted it is at times and watching it makes me realise how amazing the critics have lauded this as. I don't usually agree with movie critics, but they got this one spot on. 

Police Story (1985)

Terrific and breathtaking stunts, martial arts fight scenes and action scenes with the shopping mall fight being the highlight of the movie, Jackie Chan is at his ass-kicking best and only and probably bettered by Police Story 3.

True Lies (1994)

Big Arnie becomes a James Bond-like superspy in this incredible and entertaining James Cameron action fest, who unknownst to his onscreen wife in Jamie Lee Curtis, is a spy whilst posing as a salesman. Catfights, explosions with a few twists it has it all and more. Amusing, great action, it's just terrific from start to finish.

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