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Friday, 8 December 2017

Mini Retro Review: Phat Girlz (2006) #badmovies

Phat Girlz
Romantic Comedy

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, yet Phat Girlz seeks to decry this notion. The 'B' word is mentioned several times and is not an affectionate term as Mo'Nique's character claims in the movie, Mo'Nique's character, a plus-sized fashion designer named Jazmin refers to other women as skinny b*****s. According to website Plugged In, there are over 100 uses of the B-word, H** & motherf***er in total. This comedy is not feel-good, it is mean-spirited & crude and it felt like random cheap shots aimed at skinny women and making them the target of ridicule. As well as Mo'Nique, Eric Roberts aka Julia Roberts's older brother is in this one, who is no stranger to straight- to- DVD, Z-grade movies. & Phat Girlz is another one of those movies, with its cheap, home video, DV look. The 'you so fat/ugly mamma' skit is sort of amusing, but also cringing at the same time. Phat Girlz is a so-called female empowerment type of comedy that doesn't practice what it preaches: it preaches about loving yourself, no matter what your size & has a few important things to say, yet it has scenes of Jazmin mouthing off and dissing women who aren't big or obese. Also, it has its double standards with men: six packs, huge biceps & physically toned yes, but looking like a nerd with glasses, being short and fat, this film doesn't give two hoots about them. Which is not good, at all. This film wants to have its cake and eat it. & it's mostly unfunny & snarky. 

Is It Worth Watching?

If you can put up with fat-shaming slurs, slurs aimed towards slim and skinny people, then by means go ahead. Otherwise, steer clear.


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